4 Reasons to Consider a Timeshare Rental for your Next Vacation

If you’ve never heard about timeshares for rent, perhaps you’ve heard about similar accommodation options for your vacation. For example, luxury apartments are becoming more and more popular. You can rent these apartment units from their personal owners and enjoy a high-end homey feel while experiencing a new destination. These are ideal for longer stays where you can get comfortable and really feel like a local. They’re also generally not the cheapest option. Or, you can choose to save money by staying at a cheap motel chain. While not offering many amenities or flashy perks, motels are incredibly affordable and offer a simple place for you to lay your head. They are also great for those on a road trip, looking to just stay a night or two during the middle of their journey.

So what do timeshare rentals have in common with these accommodation options? When you rent a timeshare, you get all the luxurious, homey amenities of an upscale apartment or a high-end vacation rental. However, you don’t need to pay top dollar to stay in one. Like a chain motel, timeshare rentals are incredibly affordable, and you generally end up paying less per night than area hotels. You can get a truly great deal by renting through an owner on the secondary market.

Here are the top four reasons to consider a timeshare rental for your next vacation.

Find Timeshare Locations in All Major Vacation Destinations

Wherever you are looking to travel, you can be sure you’ll find a timeshare resort in the vacation destination of your choosing. Timeshares can be found virtually anywhere in the world, with many options in top vacation locations. For instance, if you’re looking to visit Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Epcot, or Universal Studios, you’ll find plenty of timeshare rentals available in Orlando, Florida. And if you’re planning a Florida beach vacation, you can also find timeshare resorts in destinations like Daytona Beach, Key West, and Sanibel Island.

Las Vegas is another highly desirable vacation destination and another area known for its many timeshare resorts. Timeshares in Vegas are located very close to the famed Strip, with many offering complimentary shuttle services to get you to and from restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, and bars.

For a tropical venture, head to Hawaii. No matter the island, you’ll find a great selection of timeshare rentals to choose from. Stay in close proximity to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Diamond Head, Na Pali Coast, and Hana Highway.

Timeshare Brands are Famous Worldwide

Timeshare resorts are owned by a number of top hospitality brands that are known for their spectacular service, upscale amenities, and luxurious accommodations. Find rentals at brands you know and love including Marriott, Disney Vacation Club, Westgate, Wyndham, and many others.

With DVC rentals, you can expect magical features and resorts in close proximity to your favorite Disney parks and attractions. Accommodations are suited for families, with many themed options to suit the nature of the resort. Disney Vacation Club resorts also offer character breakfasts, themed swimming pools, kids clubs, and other family-friendly features.

Marriott Vacation Club rentals are ideal for any type of traveler, with resorts all over the world. The suites at these resorts range in size to comfortably accommodate couples or large families. They feature a wide range of amenities like swimming pools, spa treatments, fitness centers, on-site restaurants, and concierge services.

Experience Superior Luxury in a Timeshare Rental

Like luxury apartment rentals, timeshare rentals give you all the comforts of home with all the high-end features of an upscale resort. You can also rent a timeshare in the size and style that best works for you and your family. If you are traveling with just your spouse, a cozy studio suite or a one-bedroom will offer plenty of space. Got all the kids and maybe even the grandparents in tow? Choose a sprawling four-bedroom suite so everyone has their own space.

Timeshare rentals offer a number of conveniences including full kitchens, laundry machines, living rooms, dining tables, one or more full bathrooms, and private bedrooms. There are also a number of high-end elements that can add even more value to your stay including fireplaces, jetted tubs, private balconies, and plunge pools.

Rent Timeshares Cheap on the Secondary Market

You can indulge in a timeshare vacation for less when you rent through a private owner on the secondary market. When owners rent out their timeshares, they are doing it because they are unable to visit their property on any given year. So usually, they are just trying to cover their annual maintenance fees, meaning you can score an amazing deal. Not to mention, owners are motivated to rent their unit out, allowing you the option to negotiate and work out a price that works for both parties. Online reseller, SellMyTimeshareNow.com, makes it easy to shop thousands of timeshare rentals advertised by owners. Browse their extensive inventory of rentals, including their last-minute timeshares, for a truly unbeatable deal on your next getaway.