14+ Reasons Why Backpacking Will Ruin Your Life

When it comes to backpacking around the world there are few easy words to describe it. These are fun, adventure, people or freedom. You’ll experience all of them and NO!… backpacking will not ruin your life but enrich it. 🙂 You’ll be thankful and proud to be a backpacker.

1. Adventures

Adventures are waiting for you out there… The only thing you have to do is to go and get them!

backpacking with surf

With adventures life is much more interesting!

2.  People

You’ll meet amazing people. Any sort of personalities. Crazy, funny, interesting, nice, modest, coward or brave.


Crazy people everywhere 🙂

3. Freedom

While reaching for adventures, passing from country to country and meeting people you feel free. You’ll get to the point when there is no pressure or stress, just freedom in your everyday life!


Enjoying the freedom of traveling!

4. Discovering!

You’ll get the opportunity to visit all cities, landmarks and natural wonders you were hearing and dreaming about. Your dreams will become true!

All the places you wanted to visit are waiting for you out there!

5. Losing Priorities

All the experience will slowly change your vision of the world. Backpacking will change your priorities, attitude and opinions.

For a good food you don’t have to go to a restaurant!

6. Photomania!

You’ll have countless opportunities to take amazing pictures. Capture landmarks, cities, famous sites, animals, people or moments… all you need is a camera! You might forget some moments but photos never do!

Not bad, huh?

7. Memories

We don’t travel to make memories but at the end it’s the only thing we value after few years. They are priceless.

Tip: write a blog while traveling or print your photos!


Memories are priceless!

8. Cooking

If you are on a tight budget, one of the best methods of cheap eating is to cook. Use your fantasy, there are no rules. It’s funny, sometimes tasty, plus you will lose few kilograms.

cooking project

Serious cooking project while camping in Utah, USA.

9. Endless Fun

To be a backpacker means to travel, to meet people and to hang out with them. If you want, you can have a lot of fun.

Travel hard, party harder!?

10. Food

Best food is served on the streets, that’s a public secret. Eat on the street, forget about the hygiene and get spoiled.


This is street food – Thai style 🙂

11. LOVE.

Fall in love. Each country has something to offer. Maybe you’ll find the love of your life. Beautiful girls and boys are in every country.


Falling in love is also a method of discovering other cultures!

12. Learning new language…

If you’ll spend enough time in one country or a region with the same language and if you are willing, you can learn a new language pretty quickly. It’s all about attitude.

language experience

Hablando pero no entiendo nada 🙂

13. Storytelling!

Your diary will be full, your memory will be full and the stories to tell will cover few days of talking.

New story everyday!

14. Sunset Lovin’!

Sunset is a special category of pleasure. Some of them are just normal but some are mind blowing.

TIP: the best way to enjoy a sunset is to shut up and watch!


That magical moment when the sun goes down…

As you can see all the above reasons are seriously way too dangerous for you and they will definitely “ruin” your life! Don’t hesitate and start “ruining” your life 🙂