Recent Report Reveals Safest Cities In The U.S. In 2023

Recent Report Reveals Safest Cities In The U.S. 2023

MoneyGeek, a personal finance technology firm, has released a list of the safest metropolitan cities in America with populations greater than 300,000 for the third year in a row. Honolulu was named the safest large city in the country this year, with the lowest per-capita crime rate in the country.

“Hawaii in general is extremely safe relative to other states with major metro areas,” says Milnes. “A number of factors can lead to any city being safe or dangerous, and while we didn’t look into the exact hows or whys of each city’s situation, Honolulu may be uniquely positioned due to its isolation from other major cities, and is among states with the strictest gun laws in the nation.”

Another advantage Honolulu has in common with the other safest cities is a high cost of living and a good standard of living. “Cities that have higher costs and standards of living tend to also have lower levels of violent crime,” says Milnes. “Overall what we’re seeing is that the cities that have both a higher cost of living and a more suburban feel than our major metro areas tend to be safer. This is likely to be even more true for specific neighborhoods or sections of cities.”

MoneyGeek’s survey also lists the safest American cities with more than 100,000 residents. The safest city in this ranking was Naperville, Illinois. The total cost of crime in this city is $156 per capita. In second place is Sunnyvale, California, followed by West Covina, California. Six California localities make the safest cities list, with three of the cities with more than 300,000 residents in California.

16 Safest Large Cities in the US (with a population over 300,000)

Honolulu, Hawaii

Although Honolulu is a large city, it is a fairly safe place to visit. The city has a low crime rate and the crimes that do occur are often minor in nature.

While there is some violent crime in Honolulu, it is usually confined to a few areas that visitors should have no problem avoiding. Honolulu is actually among the safest American cities of its size.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Considering that Virginia Beach is one of the safest major city in America, there is little risk in this area. We had to double check our data to make sure it was not a data error because the crime rate is so low. The 21 reported pickpockets in 2022 is one of the first crime statistics that may surprise you. Only 21 people had their pockets or purses opened in a city of about 500,000 people? That’s a shockingly low number.

Henderson, Nevada

Situated just minutes away from one of the world’s renowned entertainment hubs, Henderson offers an ideal location for a family retreat or convenient business trip. With a plethora of shopping, cultural experiences, outdoor activities, and entertainment options, Henderson stands as the secure, easily reachable, and enchanting heart of Southern Nevada.

El Paso, Texas

Despite media reports that lead some to call El Paso an unsafe place due to tensions on the U.S.-Mexico border, the truth is a stark contrast. El Paso is actually one of the safest cities in the United States. El Paso ranks third with the lowest violent crime rate and second with the lowest property crime rate among cities with more than 500,000 residents.

El Paso owes this safety to factors such as a strong military presence, robust border security measures, and the active engagement of its vigilant citizens and communities.

New York City

New York is a safe destination for travelers. Despite its reputation for various types of crime, the level of safety in New York is comparable to that of other major cities in the Western world. 

The city has undergone significant gentrification, especially in major tourist areas such as Manhattan. However, you should still exercise caution in certain areas at night, as there is an increased risk of muggings. Also, tourist areas might attract pickpockets and petty thieves, so you need to be vigilant when exploring such areas.

Other safe cities

San Diego, California

Mesa, Arizona

Charlotte, North Carolina

San Jose, California

Boston, Massachusetts

Raleigh, North Carolina

Arlington, Texas

Santa Ana, California

Omaha, Nebraska

Austin, TexasLong Beach, California

Recent Report Reveals Safest Cities In The U.S. In 2023
Honolulu, Hawaii

16 Safest Cities in the US (with a population over 100,000)

  1. Naperville, Illinois
  2. Sunnyvale, California
  3. West Covina, California
  4. Carmel, Indiana
  5. Glendale, Arizona
  6. Meridian, Idaho
  7. Provo, Utah
  8. Joliet, Illinois
  9. Jurupa Valley, California
  10. Sugar Land, Texas
  11. McAllen, Texas
  12. El Monte, California
  13. Rancho Cucamonga, California
  14. Glendale, California
  15. Pearland, Texas
  16. Frisco, Texas

The report also determined the lists of the most dangerous and safest cities in America.

15 Most Dangerous Cities in the US

  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Mobile, Alabama
  3. Birmingham, Alabama
  4. Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Memphis, Tennessee
  6. Detroit, Michigan
  7. Cleveland, Ohio
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. Shreveport, Louisiana
  10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  11. Little Rock, Arkansas
  12. Oakland, California
  13. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  14. Kansas City, Missouri
  15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Check out a list of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. by

5 Worst Cities for Mass Shootings in the US

  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. San Jose, California
  3. Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Colorado Springs, Colorado