10 remote workers positions that companies will be hiring in 2021

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COVID-19 reshaped the job market in 2020, forcing many companies to transform their office staff into remote workers in order to survive.

While this change was born of necessity, studies show it boosted productivity and pushed companies to digitally recruit and hire new staff, greatly expanding candidate pools and job opportunities.

As a result of this success, experts believe the work-from-home trend will continue even after a majority of workers are vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research, the percentage of people working permanently from home is expected to double in 2021.

Meanwhile, a Gartner CFO survey found that 74% of companies plan to permanently shift a portion of their staff to remote work after the pandemic ends.

While remote work positions are expanding overall, certain industries are embracing the trend more quickly than others.

FlexJobs recently analyzed the top 50 job categories in its database and compiled a list of the 10 fastest growing remote work careers for 2021.

Each category on the list demonstrated at least 25% growth in remote work opportunities between March 2020 and December 2020.

1. Marketing


Marketers manage the promotion of products and services for companies. Recent remote work jobs in this field include content marketer, marketing operations specialist and market research specialist.

2. Administrative

Administrative professionals may handle a diverse set of administrative tasks, including office management, personnel issues, communication processing and financial matters.

Recent remote jobs in this field include executive assistant, title specialist, policy typist and administrative assistant.

3. Human resources and recruiting


Human resources and recruiting specialists help hire new workers and provide support for existing staff.

Recent remote jobs in this field include recruiter, on-boarding coordinator and human resources data analyst.

4. Accounting and finance


People with careers in accounting and finance may process financial data, assist with tax preparation and handle financial accounts. Recent remote jobs in this field include staff accountant, bookkeeper and senior tax accountant.

5. Graphic design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that communicate ideas. Recent remote jobs in this field include senior store designer, associate experience designer and senior brand designer.

6. Customer service

Customer service professionals interact with customers on behalf of a company. Recent remote jobs in this field include patient navigator, support agent and customer support representative.

7. Writing


Writers provide original written content for print, websites and other forms of media.

Recent remote jobs in this field include mortgage reporter, oncology principal medical writer and social media relationships manager.

8. Mortgage and real estate

Mortgage and real estate professionals help people buy and sell property. Recent remote jobs in this field include escrow trust accounting representative, transfer coordinator and mortgage loan processor.

9. Internet and e-commerce


Internet and e-commerce professionals provide a variety of web-based services, such as web development and design, social networking and product influencing. Recent remote jobs in this field include search engine optimization marketing manager, styling assistant and email marketing specialist.

10. Project management


Project managers initiate, plan, coordinate, execute and manage their employer’s projects. Recent remote jobs in this field include project manager, cardiovascular contracting specialist manager and senior program manager