Many people just naturally assume that online booking sites make traditional travel agencies obsolete, but this is actually almost completely mistaken. When it comes to independent agencies such as Take A Break travel reviews and questionnaires reveal that the company can not only save you money over what the big Internet operators advertise as the best price, but they can also provide much more satisfactory service.

This level of satisfaction naturally centers around the initial booking of the trip. More importantly, however, in the event of any sort of foul-up or change of plans, Internet sites essentially don’t care what happens to you– at least not when you are in the middle of a travel crisis and need help sorting things out. Take A Break will answer the phone and will do what it takes to get everything back on track. You are a valued customer to them, not just another credit card transaction coupled to a pro forma follow-up survey administered by some third-party vendor.

Reviews also reveal that the real strength of Take A Break lies in the assistance they can render when it comes time to plan, rather than just schedule, a trip. If you have to be in Boise on Thursday afternoon, your itinerary is relatively rigid. But if you merely want to visit the area at the most opportune time, a travel agent can provide you with all of the background information needed to make an informed decision. Certain events may be scheduled at specific times. You may want to be there to share in the experience or you may wish to delay your trip to avoid the obvious uptick in crowds. These are factors which no website can ever adequately address.

What if you just want to get away for a while and are open to going anywhere except where you are at the current time? Take A Break can lay out a wide series of destinations for you to consider, often broken down into categories such as direction or temperature. In the middle of the winter, you probably don’t want to hop a flight to the Yukon just because it’s on sale. Their experienced staff of expert travel consultants can guide you towards the place you really want to go to, even if you don’t actually have a concrete plan in mind.

Of course they can also get you to that Thursday meeting in Boise if that’s what you need. You’ll just have to put up with a nicer hotel, better flight arrangements and lower costs. That’s what Take A Break does for its customers. They make travel fun even when its work.