Santa Monica Lifestyle Video – Summer in LA

SUMMER 2015 was definitely the BEST ever! We decided to try out California with my travel buddy Robert from Slovakia.

california flag

After 3 well spent months in Asia we headed to Los Angeles, not having much plans (as always). We found host through couchsurfing website and after few days he became “kind of” a client we worked for in exchange for accommodation. Quite a challenge, but it was worth it!

We lived in heart of LA in Santa Monica, just 15 minutes by bike from the beach. We used to ride down to the beach to chill & exercise almost every single day. Santa Monica is an amazing space with great vibes & spirit. In the video, you can see couple of shoots from classy sunny Sunday.

Time flies… and we spend actually whole summer living and working there. In beginning of September we packed our stuff, jump into the car went for amazing road trip.

In terms of Traveling Lifestyle and my digital nomading, the whole USA trip was quite beneficial. We traveled around for 25 days and visited the most beautiful place around states like California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona Utah.

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