Sargassum In The Mexican Caribbean Expected To Double In 2023

Sargassum In The Mexican Caribbean Expected To Double In 2023

Compared to the previous year, the amount of sargassum in the Riviera Maya is expected to approximately double. 

Travelers in the Mexican Caribbean and beyond did not want to hear the news that recent findings by scientific panels in the region have brought to light, especially after last year’s influx of sargassum ruined the vacations of millions of travelers. 

Despite earlier warnings earlier this year that 2023 could bring a much-needed and welcome respite from the invasive stinky seaweed.

Here’s a look at what the most recent research says about sargassum entering the region this year, as well as how hotels and cities are preparing to deal with the nasty seaweed that it brings. Sargassum is famously difficult to keep away from and keep on top of.

By all accounts, the stinky kelp on the Mexican Riviera had a particularly bad year last year. In a heroic effort to ensure that the bulk of record-breaking numbers of visitors left the region with an urge to return, private businesses and hotels alike collected some 54,000 tons from beaches along the coast, according to official statistics. However, the problem is expected to worsen this year due to a massive seaweed landing.

The Riviera Maya could see about 90,000 tons of the foul-smelling seaweed wash up on beaches, according to the Sargasso Monitoring Network, a group that monitors sargassum around the area.

First Wave Of 2023' Sargassum Seaweed Has Reached Mexican Beaches

That’s not only a significant increase from last year, but more than double the 44,000 tons of sargassum found on beaches in 2021. In addition, the season has started earlier than usual, with most landings occurring this month rather than the usual May.

Although a variety of elements such as storms and other bad weather could alter the sargassum’s trajectory, its arrival is entirely dependent on nature, especially ocean currents. If the efforts of the authorities are not enough to give hope to the travelers, they can be sure that they will do everything possible to solve the problem.