Selina Joins Forces With Fiverr To Provide New Discounts And Services For Remote Workers

Selina Joins Forces With Fiverr To Provide New Discounts And Services To Remote Workers

Following its new agreement with Fiverr, Selina intends to entice freelancers and remote workers to its properties and co-working spaces.

This is now possible because of the hospitality brand’s access to the freelancing platform’s large network of four million people.

Freelancers and remote workers will now get access to 15% off stays at Selina’s facilities, as well as discounts on other services.

The collaboration reflects the increasing fusion of business and travel. More importantly, it represents a shift in how the tourism industry views a formerly marginalized group.

A new kind of collective buying power is on the horizon, and collaboration is taking place as Selina expands into the business-to-business market. 

“So many corporates get discounts at Marriotts or Hiltons,” explains Elad Nir, Selina’s global chief marketing director, “why not freelancers?”

The collaboration was quite spontaneous, Nir continued. “We met Fiverr at an event, and discussed partnering. We share the same target audience, communities of freelancers, and share the same vision,” he added. “People aren’t working from offices.”

selina in lisbon
Selina in Lisbon, Portugal

The agreement with Selina, which will have over 150 sites by the end of 2022, also offers the option for these employees to connect in-person through events and gatherings. 

Fiverr acknowledges that its freelancers work remotely while traveling from at least two domestic or foreign countries each year.

As a result, both Selina and Fiverr strive to combat the “loneliness” that remote workers sometimes suffer.

“While being an Anywhere Worker has numerous benefits including having autonomy and flexibility over one’s worklife, it still has its challenges such as lack of community and a sense of belonging,” said Gali Arnon, chief marketing officer at Fiverr.

The alliance also includes a “Work from Anywhere” contest, which invites Fiverr freelancers to share social media videos of their working lives, with the best ten videos getting $4,000 in benefits, including three to four weeks of stay at Selina facilities.

Meanwhile, Selina has been developing a new “workcation” product, which has already been tested by two large enterprise clients. More information will be released soon.