Southwest Airlines Will Invest $2 Billion To Transform Customer Experience On Air And Land

Southwest Airlines Will Invest $2 Billion To Transform Customer Experience On Air And Land

Southwest Airlines, a low-cost airline, has revealed plans to “completely transform the customer experience.”

Promised are faster Internet and power outlets, more storage space in overhead bins, a new fare category with more flexibility and value (Wanna Get Away Plus), and an expansion of the airline’s beverage and entertainment offerings.

The airline’s Wanna Get Away Plus fare is expected to be available to customers later this month. 

“Top of our list is giving our customers reliable connections in the air to those things that are important and accessible to them on the ground,” Ryan Green, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. 

“We’re investing in our onboard connectivity and bandwidth available to each customer with upgraded technology that’s now installed across our existing fleet, a strategy to diversify our Wi-Fi vendors on upcoming aircraft deliveries, and plugging Southwest customers into in-seat power to keep them charged while in the air.”

Southwest will update its current service with Anuvu and form a new partnership with Viasat.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

As part of a trial run, the airline has installed Anuvu’s “latest generation of hardware” aboard 40 of its Boeing 737s, offering free Wi-Fi.

Southwest plans to expand the service to an additional 50 planes by the end of May and to 350 aircraft by October.

“Having dual providers is very manageable,” Southwest Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Green told the outlet. 

“And quite frankly, what we’re committed to and what we’re interested in is the end-user experience. We want our customers to have a very high-quality, high-speed, reliable experience when they connect to the internet.”

Finally, Southwest will expand its beverage offerings starting this summer with a Bloody Mary mix, followed by a ready-to-drink cocktail launching in September along with new options of Hard Seltzer and Rosé.

As for the in-flight entertainment portal, the airline plans to double the number of free movies currently available by the end of the year.