Spain Imposes Covid Entry Restrictions On Travelers From China

Spain Imposes Covid Entry Restrictions On Travelers From China

Now those wanting to come to Spain must present proof of complete vaccination or a negative test result. Spain is following Italy’s decision to impose travel restrictions on those traveling from China, which started on December 28, 2022.

The Spanish Ministry of Health issued a press release issued on December 30 explaining the reasons for its new preventive restrictions. After China reopened its borders after three years, there have been an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections and Spain has decided to enact new travel measures. 

The protocol for the order on the new measures is as follows for travelers coming from China.

  • They will go through a documentary, visual and temperature control
  • They will need to perform a diagnostic test for active infection by SARS-CoV-2 at the respective port of entry
  • Those traveling must have an EU Digital COVID Certificate (CCD-UE) or equivalent starting on January 3
Spain Announces New Strict Entry Restrictions Over Omicron Variant

The Ministry of Health also pointed out that this will only impact flights from the mainland People’s Republic of China. Those traveling from other territories such as Hong Kong will not be affected.

Along with Spain, two other European counties, France and the United Kingdom have also imposed restrictions on travelers from China. Other countries around the world including Israel and Japan have also enacted similar measures. 

Carolina Darias, Spain’s Minister of Health, commented that the importance of full and updated vaccination against COVID-19 for all Spanish people is vital. 

The Spanish Ministry of Health is calling on the EU for the Integrated Political Response Device to Crises (RPIC Device) to adopt a cohesive strategy. They want other countries to adopt a common position on entry restrictions for those traveling from China and also are requesting for the committee to review a COVID Digital Certificate for entry on any of the EU countries.