Spain Ranked No. 1 Country For Digital Nomads To Live & Work In 2024

Spain Ranked The Best Country For Digital Nomads To Live & Work In 2024

With a score of 4.50, Spain has reached the top position as the best place for digital nomads to live and work.

The top-five list was completed by Argentina, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and Croatia.

The study, carried out by the VisaGuide Digital Nomad Index, considered factors like cost of living, popularity among tourists, income required to apply for a digital nomad visa, taxes and internet speed.

Spain has become increasingly popular among this demographic due to its Mediterranean weather, rich culture, breathtaking shorelines and international nightlife. 

Last year, the country integrated the “Ley de Start-ups,” a scheme offering visas to non-European digital nomads and remote workers that allow them to live and work in Spain for a set period.

The Biggest Digital Nomad Communities in Spain

Barcelona Digital Nomad Meetup


Barcelona Digital Nomads is a Meetup community (6200+ members) dedicated to fostering connections and friendships among entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.

The group is made of foreign and local digital nomads interested in having a good time while sharing creative business ideas.

Join their community on WhatsApp or Facebook group and don’t miss this week’s meetup!

Las Palmas

Live it Up Las Palmas is Gran Canaria’s biggest Slack group, created to help digital nomads, expats and local professionals navigate this beautiful island in all senses.

Here you can “share experiences, seek advice, and build friendships” and look for information on a myriad of topics, including the best co-working spaces, restaurants, health services and assistance with digital nomad visas.

Join the group for exclusive deals and discounts.


With 2610 members, Tenerife Remote Workers & Digital Nomads Meetup is the most active community for digital nomads on the beautiful island of Tenerife. 

What we like the most about this community is that it looks to help digital nomads thrive while integrating with islanders by respecting their heritage and natural resources.

To do so, they organize lots of weekly events in different points of the island focused on networking activities, workshops, and, of course, social gatherings.


Tarifa Digital Nomads is an 8214-member Facebook community for those who -want to- live in the tourist municipality of Tarifa in Andalucía. 

Their main mission is to provide digital nomads and remote workers access to a variety of sources and enable them to connect with like-minded people in their own and other industries.


Digital Nomads Mallorca is another Facebook community where digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers and expats can help each other in most aspects that involve living in Mallorca as a digital nomad.

Thinking of moving to Mallorca and needing a digital nomad visa? Need an apartment to rent? Interested in a yoga retreat? Looking to meet with like-minded people for business or drinks? This group is probably your best bet.

Bear in mind that this is a multilingual group, so you can ask or receive information in English, Spanish or Catalan.