How to Spend Your Holiday in Thailand: Incredible Places to Visit

Some people dreamt about traveling to a foreign place, and eventually, they made it true. There are others who still keep thinking of these fantasies. With the latter, if you are one of these folks, then you have to get out of the box and start traveling. There is no better way to improve your well-being than to get out of your comfort zone and have a trip to a foreign place.

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Although it sounds crazy, traveling to places you have never been before is so fun and thrilling. But it is not only about that as the trip is your first step to grow and develop into a more incredible being. And with that, for your first planned trip, choosing Thailand is definitely a great option.

Banyan Tree Temple

For your first stop, try to be with the other travelers to enjoy more. You may start the morning at the Banyan Tree Temple. The Banyan Tree Temple is a temple within a tree. It is a sacred place of different Buddha statues where people pay respect to. Inside the tree is found a large Buddha statue which is painted with gold leaves.

Wat Pho

Visiting the oldest temple in Bangkok which is the Wat Pho will calm your nerves. Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a sacred place filled with monks chanting rituals every morning. It makes you see how beautiful the world is as the place is filled with spiritual atmosphere. Before you can get inside the temple, it is advisable to take your shoes off for respect. Also, buying a bowl filled with coins is believed to provide you good luck.

Thai alleyway market

Thailand has a lot of markets. For a fascinating shopping experience or to feel like a local, it’s best to try out their alleyway markets. Although these markets are in sticky mazes, it lets you see dozens of shops offering freshly-picked flowers and newly-harvested produce. You may even taste their full-flavored street dishes which are hard to find in most of their restaurants.

Home of the Elephants

Thailand is greatly known to be the Home of the Elephants. It’s just that, these mischievous animals are their friends. Try to know them and you will be amused by their sweetness and frolicsomeness. With this remarkable trip, you may spend it for a week and learn a lot of things from their masters. What you may learn from them doesn’t only bring a bond to you and these elephants, but you can also help in preserving wildlife.

Fun and Loads of Fun!

Thailand will bring you loads of pure fun. To make your experience more worthwhile, it is best to try out everything here – from shopping for clothes to rowing a canal boat and even to eat spicy Thai dishes offered in street stalls. You may even try to bathe an elephant and even offer banana to a monkey. With every piece of experience in Thailand, it will surely change your life’s motion.