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TOP 4 Sri Lanka’s Golden Places To Visit

If you are you in search of an amazingly attractive place to visit; a golden place aired with splendiferous ambiance; a place to relax and amuse your mind; a soul-healing place to meditate and forget your worries, then Sri Lanka is just for you. Sri Lanka is an island and it is not big, but the unimaginable beauty of nature sits there. It is endowed with ancient history, culture, and wonders of nature. No wonder UNESCO declared it as the World Heritage sites. With Sri Lanka Tour Package like Olanka Travels, an endless moment of awe-inspiring sight and serendipity awaits you at Sri Lanka’s golden places like:

1. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress

It is a place known as, the Lion’s Rock and it is located on the crest of a rock plateau which gives an overlooking sight of a green jungle and an infinite plain. Its naming is from a giant lion’s paws at the entrance of the rock fortress. It is the mysterious remains of King Kashyapa an illegitimate son who killed King Dhatusena and usurped his throne. In a bid to protect the throne from the return of the throne’s rightful owner, Moggallana, he built his fortress and plushy palace on top of the Sigiriya rock. He also beautified it with awe-inspiring gardens and amazing design. What an amazing epic story!

2. The Arugam Bay

It is a bay where you can close your eyes and hear the sounds of the ocean waves, relish a deep and fresh breath, or surf in the warm epic waves. It is located in the dry part of Sri Lanka and it is known as one of the best surf spots in the country. The place is populated with Muslims, Sinhala, Tamils and European and Australian migrants and it homes Sri Lanka’s most talented and unrivaled surfers nationally and internationally. The Arugam bay is undeniably a beautiful bay where peaceful atmosphere abounds, and which inspires a relaxing vibe. Its town also houses famous temples and the Kumana National Park.

3. The Galle and his Dutch Fort

It is a historic and fascinating city that sits on the west coast of Sri Lanka. The magnificent colonial buildings of the epic city are imbued with the exotic smells. They were built by the Portuguese and completed by the Dutch in the 17th century. The border of this city enjoys the splashes of famous the Indian Ocean. It is endowed with a pleasing seaside view and attractive Dutch-era villas. Galle is most interesting to explore with foot because its beauties reflect more when you’re not in haste. A place for you is the Galle Walk Centre. It is a city that houses another UNESCO World Heritage, Galle Dutch Fort, an enclave enclosed at three sides by the ocean.

4. The Colombo Malaka Temple

It is the largest city and also the capital city of Sri Lanka. The city is bestowed with history, lively cookery scene and wide-ranging culture including the astonishing Gangaramaya Temple and the Beira Lake. It homes incredible hotels, restaurants and open-air cafes. At Colombo, a visit to the National Museum; or the seaside promenade, will inspire excitement in you. And an exploration to the bazaar in the east will leave you with a splendid commercial experience. Interestingly, it is either the entry gateway or the exit gateway of tourist who visits Sri Lanka. But whichever it will be for you, it would be a huge mistake if you don’t tour around this interesting city during your visit to Sri Lanka.