Switzerland expects to reopen for vaccinated Americans and Canadians on June 28

Switzerland expects to reopen for vaccinated Americans and Canadians on June 28

An increasing number of European countries are reopening their borders to Americans and Canadians who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus in advance of what is usually a busy summer tourism season.

Switzerland is expected to join that group on June 28.

The belief is that Swiss officials want to take advantage of the timing of Canada Day and the Fourth of July in the week that follows, times when Canadians and Americans tend to have more available time to spend on experiences such as trips to Switzerland. Of course, the hope is to also have a significant number of Americans and Canadians travel to Switzerland later in July and throughout August.

However, those looking to make trips to Switzerland at that time should note that this decision by the Swiss government is dependent on it being ratified by the Swiss parliament on June 23. Although this is expected to occur, it is not definite.

Purchasing fully refundable flights and accommodations may be in travelers’ best interests.

The restrictions on Canadians and Americans entering Switzerland for nonessential reasons, such as tourism, will have been in place for more than a year when they are removed.

Specifically, this new policy would result in Americans and Canadians who have been fully vaccinated within the past six months to not need to quarantine or provide a negative test result.

Aerial view of Geneva from Cathedral Saint Pierre, Switzerland

However, those who are not fully vaccinated are still not allowed to enter the country unless the Swiss government has determined the reason for the trip as being a “special necessity.” This can include instances like visiting close family members for situations such as births, weddings and serious illnesses or visiting immediate family members for any reason. A thorough list of examples of “special necessity” approvals may be found on the State Secretariat for Migration website.

Those planning to fly to Switzerland should fill out the country’s entry form.

The COVID-19 situation in Switzerland has been improving as its infection rate starts to stabilize and more and more people get vaccinated. About 6 million vaccine doses have been administered with a current distribution rate of about 75,000 a day.