Tailwind Announces New Seaplane Travel Between NYC And Washington D.C.

Tailwind Announces New Seaplane Travel Between NYC And Washington D.C.

The trip between Washington, DC and New York City has been taken by millions since the 1800s. Its popularity has led to thousands of miles of highways and interminable traffic jams.

But there is a new option that commuters and tourists alike may be able to enjoy. The Tailwind Seaplane is a new service that allows customers to receive as close to a low-budget private jet experience as possible.

This Seaplane is a small Cessna Grand Caravan that is equipped with floats that allow it to land on the water.

At first, the floats will not be necessary on the DC side because the planes will land at the airport in College Park, Maryland. But Tailwind hopes to overcome regulatory barriers and eventually be able to land planes in the Potomac River.

Seaplanes join the many other options that travelers have to go between the nation’s capital and its largest city. There are two airports in DC and three airports in New York City.

Dozens of flights are scheduled each day between these airports by nearly every airline in the two cities. The Acela Express provides a high-speed rail experience that delivers passengers between each city in approximately three hours.

There are also taxis, limousines, helicopters, and charter jets that will allow travelers to make the popular trip. There is even a set of bicycle-friendly roads and trails for those who can stay overnight for the 21-hour journey by bike.

Tailwind’s newest program is yet another means for travelers to go between these two business and tourism destinations.

Here is a video of Tailwind gseaplane flight to Boston