Tanzania reopening for tourism - restrictions

Tanzania reopening for tourism to visitors from all countries

Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world that has decided not to abide by the policies and protocols that international organizations have recommended to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic.

As of today, the country is open to international tourism with virtually no restrictions – no quarantine, and no face masks-. The restrictions you can find when traveling to that destination are the ones imposed by the commercial airlines.

So keep reading to learn about any unexpected restrictions or documents you may need to submit during your trip, and also about the places you can visit in this African country.

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Do I need health insurance to visit Tanzania?

It is not required but highly recommended. Several countries advise their citizens of the possibility of encountering inadequate health protocols and facilities in Tanzania. We want you to be able to receive the best care possible so visit Best Insurance Plans that Cover COVID. 

Do I need a visa to go to Tanzania?

Tanzania reopening tourism - travel restrictions

Most likely. However, Tanzania has moved most of their visa operations online, so it is easier and safer to get a visa through their e-visa program; You may still be asked to visit an embassy or consulate office in your country if an interview is required to grant you the visa.  

You could also be eligible for a tourist or business visa on arrival. To avoid any complications visit Tanzania’s immigration website and check if you qualify for one of these visas and what documents you would need to provide.

Do I need to disclose personal and travel information?

Yes. Tanzania is currently using a tracking system to keep outbreaks under control. You will need to complete a Health Surveillance form detailing information about where you have been and where you can be located in the future while you travel through the country.

Do I need to bring a negative COVID-19 test result with me?

Technically, you don’t. However, airlines or airport policies (from your origin country or transit countries) may require you to bring one. Make sure to check with your carrier so you don’t have to face unexpected complications.

Are there health screenings on arrival?

Yes. All international passengers will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms such as a high temperature. 

Do I have to take a COVID-19 test at the airport?

Tanzania reopening tourism - airport restrictions

No. Unless you display signs of COVID-19 symptoms during the preliminary screenings.

Do I have to quarantine?

No. The only exception is if you had to undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test on arrival after failing health screenings at the port of entry. In that case, authorities will tell you how to proceed depending on your results and that may include additional tests/screening and/or a 14-day self-isolation period. 

What can I do for fun in Tanzania?

We all know Tanzania’s biggest attraction is the Serengeti, but when you are done watching the Big Five, you cannot miss any of these Tanzania’s attractions. 


Tanzania The big five tourism

Known as the Big Five, Tanzania is home to lions, elephants, leopards, and rhinos. Undoubtedly, one of Tanzania’s most incredible attractions. 


Tanzania tourism reopening

The National Museum and House of Culture – Here you can find permanent exhibition including art, history, human evolution, biology, and ethnography, plus a collection of butterflies, and classic state cars


Nungwi Beach Tanzania reopening tourism

Come and enjoy Tanzania’s pristine beaches and Crystal-clear waters at,

  • Nungwi Beach
  • Kendwa Beach
  • Mnemba Island
  • Saadani National Park
  • Sange Beach

Waterfalls and mountains and hiking

Arusha National Park Tanzania reopening tourism

If you love hiking, you must visit Arusha National Park where you can find Mount Meru the fifth-highest in Africa. This place is surrounded by savannas and its home to hundreds of birds and monkeys.

How is the COVID-19 situation in Tanzania?

Impossible to tell for sure. The government refuses to provide any reliable data -or any data at all-  regarding the pandemic. Back in April, the country had 509 confirmed cases and 21 deaths. As of today, nobody knows for sure the current status of the pandemic.

Our friendly suggestion

Get some robust insurance that covers COVID-19 before traveling. Even if you get the infection there, there is no way to know for sure the state of their COVID-19 treatments and medical care.  the government may deny that you are actually sick.