Tempo By Hilton, The New Spectacular Hotel Brand Opening In NYC

Tempo By Hilton, The New Spectacular Hotel Brand Opening In NYC
Credit: © 2022 Hilton

This week, Hilton announced the launch of Tempo by Hilton, a new hotel brand in New York City. The hotel will open in 2023 and will be located directly in Time Square at TSX Broadway. 

The Tempo by Hilton Times Square will have 661 rooms and share hospitality services with TSX Entertainment, an entertainment company focused on innovative performers, creative brands and exclusive experiences. The hotel is owned by L&L Holding Company and managed by Hilton.

Hilton intends to introduce a new hotel category that combines fashionable and contemporary elements, targeting sophisticated, modern guests. And this location seems ideal for the new brand. 

Hilton’s Chief Brand Officer, Matt Schyler, stated: “We’re delighted to introduce Tempo by Hilton to the world from the heart of Manhattan with the debut of Tempo by Hilton Times Square,”

tempo by hilton nyc room
Credit: © 2022 Hilton

And added: “As our newest brand, Tempo by Hilton is designed to create an elevated and innovative stay, with thoughtfully appointed rooms that offer comfort and functionality plus an emphasis on well-being. Tempo by Hilton Times Square will set the stage for a new standard of hospitality in Times Square, for today’s discerning traveler.”

A beautiful view of Times Square, access to special entertainment events, the opportunity to truly feel the ambiance of the Big Apple, and fantastic amenities are just some of the privileged experiences Hilton hopes to offer guests at its new location.

Credit: © 2022 Hilton

“Tempo by Hilton Times Square offers a home base for guests to experience Times Square like never before. We look forward to welcoming guests to experience the first full-building retail and entertainment ecosystem firsthand,” said David Levinson, chairman, and chief executive officer of L&L Holding Company.

Tempo by Hilton Times Square provides the following amenities and services to guests:

  • A 36-story lifestyle hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer direct views of Times Square.
  • A working get-ready zone.
  • A bathroom with Bluetooth speakers and apothecary bath products.
  • A cozy sleeping atmosphere that helps travelers relax.
  • The option to book a special Tempo by Hilton Wellness guest room with a Peloton spin bike and Therabody items to work out in the comfort of your own room.
  •  Artistic touches in public spaces
  • An open-air lobby on the 11th floor with dynamic community and work spaces.
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center with a dedicated hydration station.
  • Top-notch culinary alternatives, including a unique restaurant with menu selections that will set you up for the day ahead and more.
  • A bar and lounge, as well as an outdoor dining area overlooking Times Square.
  • Guests can sample Bluestone Lane, an Australian-inspired premium coffee and beverage brand.