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Thailand Will Open for Vaccinated Tourists Without Quarantine on July 1

Thailand is open to tourists from all countries but travelers need to obtain a special tourist visa, bring a PCR test and undergo a mandatory 7-day quarantine. Starting July 1, the country will reopen its resort island, Phuket.

Additionally, other allowed visitors are now welcomed to spend their 14-day quarantine under the new “Digital Yacht Quarantine program,” at the resort island of Phuket and isolate themselves in luxury.  They still need to bring a negative COVID-19 test and wear a smartwatch to monitor their health daily. 

All non-Thai arrivals need to buy health insurance that covers COVID-19.

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Thailand Reopening – Latest Updates

May 9 – Phuket to reopen in July and some other Thai cities in October

Regardless of the spread of COVID-19 Thailand is struggling to contain, the country has decided to move on with the reopening of its resort island Phuket on July 1. This day the mandatory 14-day quarantine will be dropped for all vaccinated visitors according to government spokeswoman, Traisuree Taisaranakul.

On the other hand, the Thai government also admitted they cannot afford to reopen some other important cities such as its capital Bangkok. 

As of now, authorities will use Phuket reopening as a pilot program to test the potential reopening of 9 other destinations on Oct. 1. These would include Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

April 22 – Thailand may put off reopening for vaccinated travelers that was set to July.

Thailand had set July 1st as their reopening day for vaccinated travelers since the country would have (almost) achieved herd immunity by then. But, According to Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the government is having second thoughts about it, given the unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases over the last few weeks. 

However, not everything is lost. The minister also mentioned the country will be working on a more modest approach, such as the reopening of some zones of Phuket as of now. 

“We are concerned about the reopening timeline. We still need to discuss the vaccine administration plan. If the herd immunity goal cannot be achieved, we may have to consider opening only certain areas in Phuket.”

April 9 – Thailand reduces its quarantine period to 7 days

On April 3, the country welcomed the first 130 travelers eligible for a 7-day quarantine trial. These visitors arrived at Phuket International Airport, via a Thai Airways direct flight from Frankfurt, Germany. 

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), reduced quarantines for 11 groups of currently allowed travelers were approved by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on March 31. This is considered on the steps the country is taking to fully reopen to international visitors in July. 

Official information on how to be eligible has not been released. 

March 29 – Quarantine requirements to be removed in July.

Thailand’s Minister of Tourism, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn has proposed to reopen Phuket -the internationally celebrated Thai Island- without quarantine in July. According to the Ministry the vaccination rate should have reached 70% of its population by then. 

Some other areas of the country should follow suit in October. The next zones are set to be nearby Krabi and Phang Nga.

March 12

Thailand’s tourism industry is reportedly urging the government to welcome all types of tourists back by July.

A twitter campaign called #OpenThailandSafely was launched hoping the government gets ready ASAP for business to reopen. Industry leaders consider that by that date enough potential visitors will be vaccinated and the country would have enough time to fine-tune the reopening details. As of now, airlines and hotels claim to be ready to welcome visitors again. 

February 12

Thailand is welcoming travelers from all countries as long as they obtain a Special Tourist Visa. Australia, US, UK, and Canada citizens can visit the country without acquiring a visa, they will still need to apply for a certificate of entry and agree to quarantine upon arrival. (Source)

Vaccination campaigns are to start on February 14. The country has had some difficulties stocking and approving the use of certain vaccines. (Source)

Is Thailand open for American tourists? 

Thailand is indeed open to all American business visa holders. For further on the requirements for U.S. citizens to enter the country, visitors should consult the Royal Thai Embassy’s website or go to the Thai embassy in Washington D.C.

COVID-19 situation in Thailand

As of May 9, the country has reported 81,274 and 382 deaths, making it one of the lowest death tolls in the world.

COVID-19 test requirements

Visitors are required to take a COVID-19 test before and after their quarantine. If they get negative results, they will be allowed to resume their trip.

Entry requirements

Phuket, Thailand

As of today, in order to be granted access to the country travelers must,

  • Obtain a Special Tourist Visa
  • Purchase health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment up until USD $100.000
  • Show proof of a negative PCR test result
  • Undergo a 14-day quarantine at an approved-accommodation or at a luxury yacht 

Impact of COVID-19 in Thailand


While Thailand is a success story when it comes to battling the virus, its economy has greatly suffered due to the pandemic.

Prior to Covid-19, Bangkok was the world’s top tourist destination among cities. In April, all incoming flights were banned. With tourism halted, it is estimated that up to 60% of hospitality-related businesses would close by year-end.

The IMF estimated that the economy as a whole will shrink by about 8.5% and over 8 million Thais would lose their livelihood.

Why visit Thailand?


For those not into crowds, Thailand offers beautiful natural spaces. With 1,500 miles of coastline, there are beautiful beaches and great diving to be found here.

For those who come for its history and culture. There are ruins dating to the ancient Siamese kingdom, and over 40,000 temples to explore.

One main attraction is the nightlife in places like Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya, ranked as the best places for LGBTQ tourists. 

Be sure to check some luxury resorts for reopening deals!

Thailand is a top tourist destination. The country offers so much, from a bustling nightlife to serene beaches and flavorful foods rich with spices.

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