The Five Happiest Destinations To Travel To In 2022

The Five Happiest Destinations To Travel To In 2022

Popular package holiday company Club Med has quantified the happiness level of multiple destinations and found these are the top five.

The company examined some of the most well-known tourist spots in the globe and gave each one a happiness score out of one hundred based on the metrics stated below.

  • Crime Index
  • Safety Index
  • Pollution Index
  • Cost of Domestics beer 0.5L draught (in a restaurant) in £
  • Number of outdoor activities by 100,000 population
  • Number of day trips by 100,000 population
  • Number of spas & wellness centres by 100,000 population
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Happiness score


The island of Bali in Indonesia came in first. The idyllic island, popular with a variety of tourists and a haven for thousands of digital nomads, scored well on a number of factors that collectively make it the happiest place on earth.

In particular, the island’s top-notch spas, wellness facilities, and outdoor activities were the main factors in its overall score of 73.7 out of 100.

Many people are not particularly surprised by this position. Everyone would find the island great for its beaches, lush jungle and affordable cost of living.

Las Vegas

With a score of 67.1, Vegas has achieved a respectable second place in the rankings. The Nevada city is well-known throughout the world for its extensive selection of tourist attractions, including world-class casinos, indoor theme parks, incredible nightlife and, of course, its top-notch entertainment.

Its safety rating may be fascinating to some people. Las Vegas scored pretty well on Club Med’s security criteria, so tourists can take advantage of everything the city has to offer without worrying too much about their safety. There are still a few pickpockets, so you should not be completely careless, but it’s okay to let your guard down a little.

New Orleans

With New Orleans in third place, the U.S. took another top spot on the list. Of course, the Mardi Gras event that practically turns parts of the city into one giant party is why everyone is familiar with the destination. It received a high score for LGBTI+ travel.

Both New Orleans and Barcelona stand out for their inclusivity, making them the perfect places for anyone and everyone to share in the fun.


The happiest European city on the list is Barcelona. It received the highest possible score for LGBTI+ inclusivity, as mentioned earlier, and a score of 66.6 thanks to the abundance of tourist activities it offers both inside and outside the city.

The city has some of the best cuisine, culture, art, and nightlife in the entire world. As long as simple safety precautions are taken, a trip to the Barcelona will be nothing but lovely, even if it has one of the worst reputations for pickpocketing.


Amsterdam, a well-known Dutch city, completes the top five thanks to its outstanding safety rating. Despite the huge crowds that swarm its canals every year, the city is renowned for its safety. So, it is unlikely that you will have an unpleasant experience while visiting the picturesque city.

On the other hand, it also has the most expensive pint of beer on the list, so be sure to go there with enough money to enjoy a drink.

The rest of the list includes Budapest, Vancouver, San Francisco, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.