This Airline Offers Flights From U.S. To Europe Starting At $115

These days, driving somewhere and back could cost more than $100. What if you could fly to Europe for as little as $115? It’s almost unbelievable, yet it’s true! Brand-new budget airline Norse Atlantic Airways is providing that or similar rates for 30,000 people before September 26. Those flying will have to travel before March 23, 2023.

You can choose from destinations like Oslo, Berlin, and London. And, the best part is that the flights aren’t crammed-to-the-top cattle cars. They’re on Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Norse Atlantic Airways was able to purchase them for a song from a different airline that ceased its transatlantic service. Now, the company’s gain is your gain!

norse airline

British travelers will be able to leave from selected airports in the United Kingdom to fly to the United States starting at $300, too, so the low rates count on “both sides of the pond.” When it comes to the tickets, “Get them now while the getting is good.”

Oslo is the perfect destination to explore. The architecture is as diverse as it is stunning. Modern lines mix with 19th-century styles. Even some of the restaurants are notable as architectural landmarks in addition to serving world-class fare. Get that ticket to Norway soon before they’re all gone!