This European Country Set New Visitors Record Of 85M Last Year

This European Country Set New Visitors Record Of 85M Last Year

Although always a popular travel destination, Spain’s tourism is only growing. The National Statistics Institute reported that Spain received 85.1 million visitors in 2023, up from 83.5 million in 2019. 

Travelers are attracted to Spain due to its culture, history, climate, and magnificent beaches. The most popular destinations for tourists are Barcelona, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands, and here is why:


Barcelona is a vibrant city on the Iberian Peninsula with museums, luxury shopping, history, and lively nightlife. Here are just a few reasons to visit Barcelona:

  • The majority of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí’s works are found in Barcelona. Their unique, colorful, exotic designs complement the city’s personality and charm.
  •  Barcelona is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you are looking for antiques, bohemian finds, or luxury items, Barcelona’s eight shopping districts will surely delight everyone’s taste and personality. 
  • The food in Barcelona is perfect for foodies. It ranges from fresh seafood to local delicacies like paella. 
  • After dinner, many options exist. From traditional flamenco clubs to high-energy nightclubs. There is something for everyone in Barcelona.

Canary Islands

Known as the “Sunshine Center of Europe,” the Canary Islands are a popular choice for Northern Europeans who want to escape to warmer weather. The seven islands have stunning beaches, explorable volcanoes, dense forests, and more.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, including Majorca, Minorca, Formentera, and Ibiza, are famous among the rich and famous. Known for its nightlife, Ibiza also has gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, and laidback street markets. If you are looking for less of a party atmosphere, Majorca has caves to explore, lighthouses to claim, and turquoise water to enjoy with your toes in the sand. If you want to escape crowds, Minorca and Formentera are smaller islands that pack unforgettable sites and delights.

Planning a Trip to Spain

A trip to Spain is unforgettable. The options of places to see and things to do are endless. There is a reason this country continues to rank among the top travel destinations in the world, and its popularity will only increase with time.