This Hidden Gem Is One Of England’s Best Beach Towns To Visit In Summer

This Hidden Gem Is One Of England's Best Beach Towns To Visit In Summer

Blessed with more than 50 miles of stunning beaches, medieval towns packed with artists and gourmet restaurants and bars, Suffolk is a hidden gem you can’t miss this summer.

This English county is located 1:50 hours away from London. Intrepid travelers have started to explore this charming place but it’s not overrun by tourists yet.

Suffolk is a good fit for a several-day vacation because there are plenty of activities to do here, but most opt for a single weekend full of adventures.

What to Do in Suffolk

If this is your first time in town, you may be shocked by Suffolk’s incredible cultural and tourist offerings. Let’s explore some activities you can’t miss.

A Day at the Beach

Head to Shingle Street for a relaxing day at the beach. Get that beautiful tan you see in the movies or engage in cultural activities on the pier.

Another option is Covehithe, a secluded beach where families go to have a good swim and build sandcastles.

Visit the seaside gardens for some Instagram pictures and make sure to visit Aldeburgh and Southwold for fashion and delicious food. Tourists say fish and chips here are delicious!

And If you have some free time, visit Walberswick; its dunes are simply stunning.

Outdoor Adventures

Suffolk offers countless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors love going swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking in streams, lakes or the sea. Depending on your accommodation, you can also have access to private lakes.

There are also cycle routes located in the extensive lands of High Lodge and Thetford Forest.

Hiking is another sought-after activity you can do on some of its beautiful, expansive trails. Another place to take in nature is the Sailor’s Path.

If you have enough time, book a tour to Orford, a charming town that saw its best days in the 12th century. Nowadays, it’s recognized for its delicious pastries at Pump Street Bakery. 

But whatever you choose, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Anglia Indoor Karting Track for some adrenaline.

Parks and Woodlands

These natural places are perfect for a picnic, playing a soccer game with friends, or having a memorable afternoon with your little ones.

Our top picks include Clare Castle Park, Knettishall Heath Nature Reserve, Thetford Forest, Brandon Country Park and Christchurch Park.

To have some interactions with wildlife, go to Easton Farm Park, Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, Newmarket Horse Racing Museum or Oasis Camel Park, fun is guaranteed!

Foodies’ Paradise

Suffolk boasts world-class restaurants, breweries and distilleries. This county offers palatable local dishes, including high-quality pork and beef, as well as fresh fish and seafood.

You can also find vegan options like salads, legumes, vegetables and fruits like strawberries. We recommend you visit Maison Bleue, an award-winning French restaurant and the Suffolk Ltd distillery.


If you are into theatres, Thorington Theatre is an interesting option for its history and child-friendly Shakespeare and comedy plays.

Rowe & Williams is a local gallery that specializes in modern and contemporary works produced by local artists in Yoxford.