This Mexican Town Has The Best Boho Beach Vibes And It’s Not Tulum

This Mexican Town Has The Best Boho Beach Vibes And It's Not Tulum

Mazunte, Mexico is what bohemian beach vacation dreams are made of. It’s what many of us wish Tulum still was – laid back, authentic, off the beaten path, and breathtakingly beautiful. The vibes are immaculate in this small town in the Mexican State of Oaxaca. You won’t hear the thumping bass from the all-night parties like you might in the nearby resort town of Puerto Escondido. You will find a walkable village with cobblestone streets, thatched-roof houses, a variety of delightful cafes and restaurants, and some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches.

Mazunte is one of the country’s Pueblo Magicos, or Magic Towns, identified by the Mexican government as having preserved cultural authenticity, history, and natural beauty. As soon as you arrive in Mazunte, you’ll see why it was chosen for this special designation โ€“ the town is magical indeed. It’s the perfect place to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with yourself while soaking up the sun and listening to the massive waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against the golden sand beaches. 

In addition to spending plenty of glorious days chilling out on the beautiful beaches, make sure that you take the easy 2.2-mile hike to Punta Cometa to watch an unforgettable sunset. Yogis of all levels will find plenty of great classes around town. Casa Om and Akasha Yoga, Dance, and Martial Arts are two of the best spots. In the evenings, wander the narrow streets where you can choose between various restaurants that will tempt even the pickiest foodies. You’ll find everything from authentic Mexican food to healthy vegan spots and romantic Italian restaurants where you can dine al fresco. 

Planning the perfect getaway

The easiest way to get to Mazunte is to fly into Puerto Escondido. Renting a car allows for the most freedom to explore the coastline, but parking in the town of Mazunte can be challenging due to the narrow streets. Rental cars in Puerto Escondido start at around $9 per day. Check ahead of time to see if your hotel offers parking. You can also take the public daily or hire a private taxi from the airport. 

Mazunte has some genuinely incredible accommodations, with options to fit every budget. If you’re backpacking and looking for affordable places to stay, there are several hostels in town with dorm rooms starting at just $10. On a budget of around $50 per night, you can find 3-star hotel rooms or private bungalows with amenities like pools, breakfast, and wifi. If you’re ready to splurge, $100-$200 will get you a private bungalow right on the beach where you can watch the ocean from your private balcony.ย