This Popular Movie Destination Was Named One Of The Best Beaches In America

This Popular Movie Destination Was Named One Of The Best Beaches In America

Hanalei Beach, in Kauai, was just named one of Tripadvisor’s best beaches in America

The breathtaking Nmolokama mountain, rising 4,400 feet above it, contrasts with this two-mile stretch of shoreline on the North Shore, where the Hanalei River meets the Pacific Ocean. Hanalei Beach frequently appears in Hollywood films because of its breathtaking surroundings.

The shoreline consists of several parks, each offering something different, stretching along Kauai’s largest bay. On weekends, when the grassy area in front of the beach fills with tents and picnic tables, Black Pot Beach, which runs from the mouth of the river to the famous 300-foot Hanalei Pier, is popular with tourists and residents. Other facilities include a parking lot, restrooms and a boat ramp for kayakers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Hanalei Beach

One of the most popular places to tan along Hanalei Bay is Hanalei Pavilion Shoreline Park with its expansive golden sand beach. The water in front of the beach can get quite crowded with swimmers, boogie boarders, and paddle boarders, so there are always lifeguards on patrol here. This is the ideal place to stay if you want to remain close to downtown Hanalei with all its family-owned businesses, historic sites, and restaurants. (There is also plenty of parking, but plan to arrive early). 

Last but not least, Waiʻoli Beach Park is home to Pine Trees, one of Hawaii’s most well-known surf breakers, which is situated along the southern end of Hanalei Bay. Swimming can be risky in the winter due to the high waves, but even inexperienced surfers can enjoy the summer’s calm waters.