This Town Will Host The Biggest Digital Nomad Conference In Japan 

This Town Will Host The Biggest Digital Nomad Conference In Japan 

Fukuoka City and Yugyo Inc. will be soon hosting “Colive Fukuoka 2024,” the largest Digital Nomad Conference Japan has seen in 2024. 

With the slogan: “Co-create and celebrate a global community in Asia,” this event looks to foster connections between global start-ups and over 200 international digital nomads in a vibrant environment where participants can learn, share and grow together.

From October 1-31, digital nomads and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to take part of an event packed with a myriad of sessions covering a wide range of topics to help you thrive in your industry. 

There is a “main week” which goes from October 22 to 31. Booking tickets for this week will give you access to a series of prominent events including the “COLIVE FUKUOKA2024 World Nomad ​Conference”.

Here you’ll be able to meet the internationally famous consultant Marie Kondo, who has been named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People ​in the World.” She will be delivering ​a keynote session on October 23. 

The conference will also feature CEOs, founders, COOs, community managers, and even a University professor and a famous YouTuber, from over 15 countries. 

Participants will learn about cutting-edge trends and a variety of matters tailored to the needs of digital nomads today through the implementation of interactive workshops, panel discussions and more.

But not all is work. There is also room for fun and games. Attendees will also enjoy cultural experiences including tours around the city as well as special community-building ​events to provide “an immersive experience of life in Fukuoka and ​Kyushu.” And of course, a closure Hallowing party!

How Can I Participate?

If you feel ready to elevate your game and connect with like-minded nomads or potential partners or friends, take a few minutes to submit your “pre-registration.” It’s free.

Once you are registered as a member, you’ll be able to choose the events you want to attend and make the corresponding payments for each of them. 

Important – Getting a “green pass” is required to take part in the “main week” events.

Buying your tickets before July 31 will give you a 30% off early-bird discount and 3-day, 10-day, and 30-day passes ​for better value.

For further information and to secure your pre-registration, please visit (this link gives you a 20% discount).

List of Events 

The list of events is much bigger but this is a good summary of it, according to the official site: 

  • October 1: Welcome Party
  • October 6: Japanese sake brewery tour with BBQ
  • October 12: Zen meditation experience
  • October 15: Street Yatai Night
  • October 22-31: Main Week
    • October 21-23: Global Startup Event “Softlanding”
    • October 23-25: COLIVE FUKUOKA2024 World Nomad Conference
      • Digital Nomad Summit 2024
    • October 26-27: Synapus Festival
  • October 31: Halloween Party

Why Hosting Such an Event in Fukuoka 

Fukuoka has been described as a “blend of urban and natural environments in a convenient compact city layout.”

This city has led efforts to attract digital nomads to its coasts and has been home to important events catering to digital nomads and remote workers in recent years.