Tiktoker Reveals Google Flights Search Hack To Find The Cheapest Deals

Tiktoker Reveals Google Flights Search Hack To Find The Cheapest Deals

Thousands of frequent flyers have commented on a popular TikTok travel hack that suggests a quick click through Google Flights can secure you a dream vacation.

The trick, according to Sam Jarman’s video, is in Google Flights’ search criteria. If a user does not enter any dates, they will be able to see the lowest price for flights in a given time period.

In the example, he shows a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to New York that originally cost $217, and finds a discounted price of $177.

But as the video’s viewers point out, the savings might not be worthwhile since it would typically only display basic economy rates, which are less alluring to frequent flyers due to the restrictions.

“That’s a basic economy for sure which is a non-changeable flight. And a lost value upon cancellation” said one viewer in the comments.

This technique works, as we were able to confirm after testing it out, but only if you have the freedom to select your own trip dates. For passengers worried about not purchasing a basic economy rate, we advise visiting Google Flights and adding one carry-on in the “Bag” section. This will probably just show economy fares without the basic economy restrictions. 

If you want to find the best airfares, T+L has already reported on alternative methods, such as planning ahead and subscribing to price alerts from sites like Google Flights that let you know when prices drop or start to climb.