Tips On How To Get Cheaper Flights For Upcoming Winter Travel Season

Tips On How To Get Cheaper Flights For Upcoming Winter Travel Season

It’s no secret that flights have become more expensive. In fact, there has been a 42.9% increase in just one year.

This steep increase may make it challenging to find cheap flights. However, it’s still possible to find juicy deals.

Google Flights is a great place to look for cheap flights. The site lets you compare different airlines.

Travelers can compare popular airline sites directly with the airlines they like to use as well. They can compare and contrast the prices to see which one is offering a better deal.

Travelers can also get notifications sent to their phone when ticket prices go down by using apps like Hopper. The app provides up-to-date information on flight prices.

High seasons differ from city to city, so consider traveling to a city that’s not at its peak. The advantage is that there will be less crowds and cheaper hotel prices.

Believe it or not, Tuesdays are the best days to buy flight tickets. Airlines release their weekly sales on Tuesday, so for eager travelers hoping to get a great deal, shop on Tuesdays.

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Score Cheaper Hotel Prices, Too

Besides getting cheaper flights, there are other ways travelers can save money. Going on vacation when it’s not peak season in that city is probably the best way to get cheaper hotel prices.

Travelers who have a bit of time on their side can do some research on when hotel prices fall. The start of the rainy season in some cities can be a great time to see a city.

For those who don’t mind jumping on a plane last minute, a sudden and unexpected streak of warm weather can make a seaside vacation in late fall a perfect trip. Flights will be low and hotel prices will have dipped.

Flying in winter can already be incentive to travel as both the summer and fall crowds will be gone. Plus, for those looking to visit colder cities like Montreal or Chicago, hotel prices will have dropped significantly.