Are you planning a hilly retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind amidst the breathtaking mountains?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, there are certain things that you must have to make the most out of your camping trip. It is also important to be prepared for almost all eventualities. You will need to pack certain camping accessories to ensure your trip is a wonderful and safe experience.

Therefore, we have compiled the following list of camping essentials that you must take along for your next adventure in the hills.

Medical Supplies

The rocky terrain, curvy roads, and uncertain weather can affect your health. And you will not find a luxurious hospital in the middle of the hills. Therefore, it is essential to carry a self-aid kid. Here is a list of essential items that need to be a part of your self-aid kit.

  • Bandages
  • Cotton Balls
  • Tape
  • Aspirin
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Sunblock

If you have altitude sickness, it becomes even more essential to prepare a kit comprising of all the prescribed medicines.

Sunscreen is highly recommended when you are traveling to the hills to prevent yourself from sunburn.

Survival Tools

Charles Darwin’s theory of “ The Survival of the Fittest” stands absolutely true for surviving in the wild. And No one wants to be stuck in such a situation. So it is always better to be prepared in advance. Surviving in the wild is only possible if you have the right tools to back it up.

  • Compass and Map – If you are relying on your phone’s GPS to back you up during the time of adversity, you are certainly wrong. Make sure you carry a compass and a map to help you navigate.
  • Survival Multifunctional Tool – Multifunctional Tools are incredibly convenient as they combine several tools in one. Always carry a multifunctional tool that has a car opener, knife, an inbuilt scissor, etc.

Water Filtration System

Up to 60% of human body is water and maintaining this water level is crucial for survival. Have you thought about your camping water plan? Will your campsite have drinkable water nearby?

You need to analyze the water situation before you go. You will have to plan differently for a campsite with drinkable water versus a place with no drinkable water nearby.

Either way, you will need to carry a large water container and a potable water filtration system. You will need water for cooking, drinking, and extinguishing your campfire.

High-Quality Camping Knife

While camping, you may need a high-quality camping knife to whittle a piece of wood, fillet a fish, or cut a rope. Buy a knife that can slice, pierce and so some chopping as well. Always remember to keep a backup with you.

If you want a knife that you can keep at all times just in case, get a pocket knife. Camping knives are a must to stay safe during your camping trip.

Insect Repellant

Did you know that mosquitoes can smell the Carbon dioxide coming from human’s breath from over 100 feet away? Mosquitoes are annoying. Don’t let the pesky insects keep you from having a fun time in the hills. Carry an insect repellant with you that will help you combat the spread of bacterial and parasitic disease. Just in case you have some ayurvedic knowledge, make a DIY Mosquito Repellant Spray by using leaves and flowers.


These are some of the most important camping essentials that must be packed whenever you are going camping in the hills.

You will have to be your own hero and fight for yourself when stuck in the wilderness. Make sure you are well aware of the risks and threats that you can face during your camping trip. Having the right camping accessories is important when you are spending the night in the hills.