10+ TOP Travel Tips for Holiday in Cape Town

From the breath-taking scenery, enormous wildlife, delicate and mouth-watering dishes, buzzing nightlife, to exquisite beaches – Cape Town, South Africa truly has it all. This place of enchantment and fascination has been a world-renowned destination and worth-seeing view to back-packers and tourist who seeks thrill and fun.

Excited to visit and experience the Cape Town’s style, dramatic history, and beautiful setting? If yes then lucky for you because, in this informative travel guide, I will share you some exciting tips before you travel in this wonderful city.

Cape Town offers a child-friendly environment

Cape Town is an ideal choice for a family holiday mainly because of its safe and child-friendly environment from beautiful beaches, safaris, to exciting outdoor activities including Sunbathing and walking to the beach with the Boulders penguin colony and then revisit the colonial life in the Castle of Good Hope; the home for antique furniture and historical paintings or the William Fehr collection.

Prepare for the weather in Cape Town

The Cape Town is located in the southern area of the continent of Africa and surrounded by two vast oceans and its climate can let you experience 4 seasons in just one day. So to enjoy the city’s wonderful streets, buzzing nightlife, and exploring the table mountain via cable cars or hiking, you need to prepare a waterproof and warm top.

Sunset in Cape Town is celebrated

Tranquillity and serene-ambiance bars and restaurants in Cape Town lets you enjoy and celebrate the sunset, so grab some cocktails or a bottle of wine with snacks. Having someone you can watch the sunset on Table Mountain is the best thing you could do in this enchanting place.

Whale watching is a must-experience

From July to October, the most awaited event you can attend while you’re in Cape Town is whale watching. The Whale Coast is the home of these gentle giants and this is the best place you can watch whales gather around, so you should (or you must) plan a day trip to Hermanus to experience this spectacular bash.

Traveling in winter will save on accommodation

It’s practical to visit Cape Town during the winter season mainly because you can have the ability to save money for local hostels and negotiate with several numbers of apartment owners for great accommodation deals. If you are on a tight budget, check out our roundup of best hostels in Cape Town.

Avoid Sunburn, prepare your sunblock

To enjoy the summer in beaches such as in Cape Town’s gem beaches the white sand and chilling water Clifton Beach and the truly breath-taking and spectacular scenery in Cape Point, having a sun protection is necessary. Grab a hat and sunblock to experience an exciting day on the beach and wow your friends with your new tan at night party.

Shopping in Cape Town is awesome

There is a different choice where you can buy things in this city, from electric roadside markets to airy shopping malls. Drive your cars to avoid traffic or rent a car on several car rentals available in Cape Town. The most shop opens from 8:30 am – 5 pm and even on Sunday mornings. Shop till you drop.

Hire a car when traveling through Cape Town

The city of Cape Town provides excellent networks will helpful signposts on the roads for the traveler. As its public transport network is improving, you will need to hire a car from different car rental cape town in order to enjoy a safe-drive holiday in South Africa.

You can drive through the colorful street of Bo-Kaap. Located not far away from the Cape Town central is the wonderful and aesthetic neighborhood of Bo-Kaap. The brightly-painted houses and cobblestone streets are great for your pictures.

Additionally, the bus time coverage is typically incomplete and infrequent which is why you need to take Uber drivers around the city to get to your destination as they are reliable, safer, and nicer.

Shoprite for food

There a lot of mouth-watering food to taste in Cape Town and if you want to save money, you can visit the local grocery stores on the streets that offer affordable products such as Shoprite, Checkers, Spar, Pick n Pay, and Woolworths. However, we preferred buying goods on Pick n pay because the produce was great and you can purchase it at reasonable prices.

Stay in the less fancy neighborhood

The most beautiful places in Cape Town include Sea point, waterfront, and Camps Bay offers luxurious accommodation. But if you want to save money while enjoying the spectacular views of the place, you can choose affordable and less fancy neighborhoods such as Woodstock, Vredehoek, or Muizenberg.

The enchanting city of Cape Town truly is spectacular, from wonderful ocean views, well-preserved wildlife, child-friendly environment, serene forests and mountains, amazing beaches, colorful streets, and gardens, to world-renowned gastronomy – truly a must-visit place to enjoy for everyone’s bucket list.

Knowing these tips we’ve mentioned above will truly let you enjoy the Cape Town escapade.