Travel + Leisure Magazine to Launch a Booking Platform and a Travel Club

Travel + Leisure Magazine to Launch a Booking Platform and a Travel Club

Travel + Leisure, which was formerly known as Wyndham Destinations, marked its arrival on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday with its officials ringing its opening bell that morning.

The self-described “world’s leading membership and leisure travel company” also announced the launch of Book Travel + Leisure, called a platform designed to help travelers get the most out of their away-from-home experiences. New Travel + Leisure Booking Platform New Travel + Leisure Booking Platform

One of the focuses of this website, which is self-described as “where travel dreams become reality,” is on offering booking options. However, what it has promoted as helping it stand apart from its competitors is the ability to fully research prospective destinations and how travelers will get there on the same platform.

Travelers should note that this tool appears to be initially focused on American and Canadian trips and destinations.

However, it is expected that this geographical focus will soon expand. Travel + Leisure as a company is dedicated to worldwide travel, and it states on its website that this platform allows travelers to “select and book travel packages to thousands of destinations around the globe.”

Resort in Maldives
Resort in Maldives

Not only are expected options such as “Hotels,” “Cars” and “Flights” offered on this website, but so is “Bundle + Save” for those who want to, for example, bundle hotel stays and flights and save as compared to purchasing them separately.

For those unsure of what they want to do – they just know that they want to get away – its “Trip Inspiration” page will likely be useful.

For example, hiking enthusiasts who live in California or who are considering visiting there can then click on its “13 Incredible Hiking Trails in California” article and see which one or ones may be the inspiration for their vacation. Its “Things To Do” tab offers plenty of inspiration as well.

People sailing in the Caribbean Sea

“There is tremendous pent-up demand for travel, and… we are creating a place to satisfy that demand,” Michael Brown, Travel + Leisure’s CEO and president, said in reference to how little travel has been possible over the past year-plus as the COVID-19 virus spread throughout the world and how many are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as it relates to this pandemic.

Travel + Leisure is also planning to add features and services throughout 2021 “to further enhance the site.” In addition, it is expecting to launch a related subscription travel club this summer, which would provide “exclusive benefits and perks when traveling around the world” as well as in users’ own cities as well. This latter option is especially attractive to those who are hesitant to travel extensively.