Travel Prices In Europe Are Significantly Falling First Time In 2022

Travel Prices In Europe Are Significantly Falling First Time In 2022

The cost of traveling to Europe has fallen for the first time in the last quarter of 2022, according to the latest report from travel management company TravelPerk. Travelers all around the globe will pay 8% less for their flights, accommodation, and rail than what they paid in the summer quarter.

During this last quarter, travelers wishing to book a flight to and from Europe will enjoy a 38% price fall from the third quarter of the year. Their travel costs are down, with flights down by 7%, hotels by 3%, and rail by 2%. However, they will pay 6% higher for the car rental than in the third quarter.

If travelers book a flight to Spain they will pay 15% less, to the UK they will pay 12% cheaper, France 9% less and Germany 8% less compared to the third quarter.

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Travelers will also enjoy a decrease in accommodation prices. In these cities, visitors will see a steep drop in hotel rates, in Edinburgh, they will pay 24%less, Barcelona 18% less, Dublin 15% less, and Munich 12% less.

Anyone wishing to book his travel to Europe should make arrangements early enough to enjoy the discounted prices. The hotels and flights are expected to be in high demand, so the traveler should make early bookings to avoid the last-minute rush.

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Travelers should be prepared to incur travel costs 26% higher than a year ago and 20% more than during the final quarter of 2019. They will also pay airfares 34% higher than pre-Covid, although it is 60% down than what he could have spent in April and May 2022.

As a tourist who has always wished to have a European trip, this is the best opportunity to enjoy himself while paying less.