Travel Warning Issued For Los Cabos Over A Dangerous Toxin Found In Seafood

Travel Warning Issued For Los Cabos Over A Dangerous Toxin Found In Seafood

Several seafood items should be avoided because of a toxin discovered in them. This is according to a new seafood advisory, which has been issued for visitors to Los Cabos. 

Various mollusk species, particularly clams, mussels, and oysters, fit under this category. 

The State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks and the Municipal Director of Health has issued advisories to steer clear of these kinds of shellfish. 

According to the notice, a sampling revealed the presence of saxitoxin in oysters gathered off the coast of Comondu. 

They thus suggested that the seafood products specified be avoided until a fresh sampling is examined. 

Several foodborne illnesses can be caused by a variety of different types of marine toxins that can contaminate seafood.

Because it can still smell, look, and taste absolutely normal, it’s frequently impossible to even determine if the seafood you’re eating has been contaminated. 

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Although eating shellfish contaminated with saxitoxin rarely results in death, some of the symptoms of the disease can be rather frightening.

Common gastrointestinal problems, weakness, tingling, and even temporary paralysis are just a few of the symptoms. 

Rarely, did individuals who contracted food poisoning from eating contaminated seafood needed to seek medical attention for respiratory issues. 

Health authorities have not issued recommendations for other types of seafood. This is because not all fish and seafood are affected by the same toxins that harm shellfish. 

Los Cabos seafood restaurants still serve shrimp and fish, which are the most abundant in the area.

Since the problem involving the contaminated seafood has been made known to restaurant owners, it’s likely that you won’t find these items on the menu right now. 

Juan Carlos Costich Pérez, the Municipal Director of Health, stated that they “will wait for the result of this second sampling to see if this prevention continues or if the alert is lifted.” 

It’s also crucial to pay attention to the food you purchase from street food carts and stalls. 

Look for another food cart if you see meat lying outside, as it can spoil very quickly in hot weather if not properly refrigerated. Street vendors often sell fruit that is unsafe to eat as it can lead to foodborne illness if not properly washed.