TSA Claims To Be Prepared To Handle Busy Summer Travel Season

TSA Claims To Be Prepared To Handle Busy Summer Travel Season

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), during the busy summer travel season, it will be possible to screen large numbers of travelers at airport security checkpoints across the country.

According to TSA officials, about 2.6 million passengers are expected to be screened on May 26, the busiest day of the extended Memorial Day weekend. To accommodate the influx of travelers, the agency has announced that teenagers aged 13 to 17 who are booked on the same reservation as the PreCheck-enrolled parents or guardians, will be allowed to accompany them through the screening process.

TSA representatives are urging travelers to sign up for a five-year, $78 PreCheck subscription that speeds up screening at checkpoints. 94% of PreCheck travelers waited no longer than five minutes at the checkpoint in April.

“TSA is ready to handle this summer’s anticipated increase in travel,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said. “Our staffing levels are better and this is largely due to better pay for all TSA employees which starts on July 1.”

“Our strong partnerships with airports and airlines will ensure we are able to anticipate and respond to changes in passenger travel throughout the summer,” Pekoske said.

TSA is deploying innovative technology solutions across the country to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security screening. These include Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) units that verify the validity of a passenger’s identification documents, flight details, and status prior to screening.

Agents are advising travelers to start their packing with an empty bag to avoid being caught with prohibited items at security checkpoints. Undeclared weapons are prohibited at security checkpoints and on aircraft, although passengers are allowed to travel with firearms if they are properly packed in checked baggage and declared to the airline.

TSA advises travelers to allow plenty of time to park or return a rental car, ride a shuttle to the airport, check in with the airline, check baggage, and prepare for security screening, as airports will be busy.

Respect for TSA agents and other airport and airline employees is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that the general public seems to have forgotten. Violence and disruptive behavior toward them is not allowed because they are there to ensure the safety of all passengers.