Tulum Deploys Undercover Officers To Detect And Deter Crime

Tulum Deploys Undercover Officers To Detect And Deter Crime

Authorities in Quintana Roo deployed undercover police officers to the Hotel Zone of Tulum in response to an increase in criminal activities. The Hotel Zone generates considerable income and hosts hundreds of tourists, making it a prime target for criminals.

Three levels of state government cooperated to deploy the agents. The actions resulted from the discovery of four bodies in the Hotel Zone on August 12.

Detectives believe that a drug feud triggered the homicides. Police arrested five suspects for the murders.

The suspects and victims belong to a gang called Los Pelones.

polica car in tulum

One measure immediately instituted by the local government involved installing signs that undercover agents will monitor businesses. The agents will also circulate throughout the zone and contact uniformed officers to act on any criminal activity they witness.

The increased police presence will increase safety, reduce the risk of violence and reduce robberies.

In July, the Tulum police started to wear body cameras. This facilitates accountability and provides proof for investigations.

Tulum police also set up a digital surveillance system to capture crimes in progress through CCTV. Through the surveillance system, officers were able to halt several robberies and fights.

Despite all the attention on the recent criminal activities, Cancun remains one of the safest cities to visit in Mexico. It generates considerable revenue, which provides the authorities with plenty of motivation to ensure the safety of tourists.

Authorities recommend that travelers maintain awareness of their surroundings, leave valuables at home and avoid carrying large sums of cash in their wallets.