Tulum Resort Nominated As World’s Best Artistic Hotel

Tulum Resort Nominated As World's Best Artistic Hotel

Tulum’s Azulik Hotel has been voted one of the best in the world in the “Hotel Artistic Universe” category at the Prix Villegiature 2022 Hotel Awards.

This award is given only to hotels and resorts that have outstanding artwork or sculptures in their rooms and trendy interior and exterior design. The Azulik Hotel will compete against two hotels from France, one from Spain and one from Zacatecas, Mexico.

The Villegiature Awards were established in 2003 to recognize the best hotels in the world based on specific criteria such as functionality, design, and guest service. 

Since their inception, hotels and accommodations honored by this prominent organization have received international praise and global recognition for their services, encouraging more customers to visit and promoting tourism in their respective regions.

The hotel’s design is stunning in and of itself. Guests staying at Azulik can enjoy the unique experience of staying in individual villas built to minimize technology and allow guests to enjoy the art and natural surroundings to the maximum.

Each villa has a unique motif, such as the Moon Villa, the Jungle Villa or the Sky Villa, all of which represent the element in their names. They are elegantly built and equipped with a variety of exceptional amenities to ensure guests feel fully immersed in the natural paradise of Tulum. 

They also feature a king-size bed overlooking the ocean, allowing guests to wake up and fall asleep with the sunrise and sunset. 

For additional rest and relaxation, mosaic stone bathtubs and private plunge pools are available, as well as a private staircase to the beach.

In addition to the architecture of the hotel, the Azulik has two exhibition rooms for paintings and sculptures. 

Described as the “premier contemporary art destination in Tulum,” the hotel also offers innovative design workshops at nearby artist residences, allowing guests to experience real Mexican art without traveling farther afield.

Even the museum’s exterior elements, such as its asymmetrical walls and illuminated hallways, are meant to be works of art that guests can take in.

The awards ceremony will take place on October 17 in Paris, France, amid representatives of the hospitality industry, established architects, luminaries of the art world and representatives of the media and communications. 

A jury of 22 tourism-oriented press correspondents and editors-in-chief will decide which accommodations have received special awards.