U.S. Airlines Plan To Cancel 30,000 Flights Just Before Winter Holiday Travel Season

U.S. Airlines Plan To Cancel 30,000 Flights Just Before Winter Holiday Travel Season

Several airlines operating flights in the United States announced plans to trim more than 30,000 scheduled flights beginning in November. These cuts will contribute to an already chaotic and competitive travel environment.

After COVID-19 curtailed travel plans for millions of Americans, people want to take vacations and visit their families. The high demand for flights makes these cuts unbearable for many.

Most of the planned flight reductions belong to American Airlines. It plans to cut more than 29,000 flights.

In November 2022, American Airlines will conduct 155,770 flights compared to 195,659 flights it originally planned to offer.

The cuts include reduced flight frequencies and the outright cancellation of some routes. The canceled routes include Chicago to San Jose, Miami to Milwaukee, Phoenix to Cleveland, and Chicago to Evansville.

Other airlines trimming schedules include Delta, which will cut its flights by 4,396 in November 2022. United Airlines plans to reduce November flights by 497.

WestJet cut 410 flights for November, and Frontier announced the elimination of 90 previously planned November flights.

Fortunately, these early announcements provide travelers with enough time to apply for a refund or schedule their trip with another carrier. However, airlines noted that additional cuts may take place with less notice throughout the late autumn and winter seasons.

Prospective travelers can take solace in one piece of good news this autumn. The cost of flights may drop by as much as 40%.

International travel fares will drop by about 19% compared to last year. Domestic airfare costs should drop by at least 25% this autumn compared to last autumn.

Last year, the average domestic flight cost $400. This autumn, the average ticket for domestic travel will run about $286.

At the same time, hotel and fuel costs have also dropped, which could help travelers save money on domestic trips.