U.S. Government Issues A New Travel Warning For Jamaica Due To Rising Crime Rates

U.S. Government Issues A New Travel Warning For Jamaica Due To Rising Crime Rates

Due to the recent crime increase in Jamaica, The United States Department is warning Americans against traveling to the country. All U.S. citizens are urged to reconsider their travel plans due to a surge in violent offending in the country.

Several places on the island like downtown Kingston have experienced an increase in homicides, sexual assaults, home invasions and armed robberies. The State Department has asked citizens travelling to Jamaica to reconsider, citing the poor response rates of the local police.

Jamaican authorities have inadequate resources to maintain law and order; families of American citizens killed in violent crimes wait for more than a year to receive their death certificates. Those travelling to Jamaica are cautioned that the quality of care and the emergency response rate is low compared to that of the U.S.

The high crime rate in Jamaica is as a result of inconclusive sentences to criminals arrested by local police. The poor prosecution rates mean the country has the highest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere.

Jamaica Still Considered Safe Destination Despite Recent U.S. Travel Warnings

The State Department is urging those who choose to travel to Jamaica to take precautionary measures to ensure their safety. U.S. citizens are cautioned from travelling to specific regions in Jamaica such as St. Ann’s Parish, St. Catherine’s Parish, St. Andrew Parish, Kingston, Hanover Parish and St. James Parish. 

It is common for criminal and terrorist groups to attack public areas like restaurants and airports. Demonstrations are common throughout Jamaica due to the ongoing civil unrest, and this is likely to result in injuries and fatalities.

The State Department is prioritizing the safety of all American citizens and urges them to reconsider travelling to Jamaica because the department can’t guarantee their personal security and safety. The executive department is committed to protecting all American citizens and that is why they provide reliable, concise and timely information on all countries globally to help citizens make conscious travel decisions.