U.S. Increases Travel Warnings For 2 Popular Destinations Over Violence And Terrorism

U.S. Increases Travel Warnings For 2 Popular Destinations Over Violence And Terrorism

As summer approaches and more Americans gear up to travel, The State Department is proposing that Americans reconsider traveling to both Jamaica and Colombia. Both countries are seeing an increase in crime, and in Colombia, there is terrorism.

Because there has been an uptick in crime in these countries, the department issued a travel advisory for both locations. They describe that there have been cases of violence, like home invasions, robbery, sexual assault, homicide, and more in Jamaica.

These instances have prompted The State Department to place a level three travel advisory for Jamaica. Colombia is a rise in terrorist activity, so it is under a level three travel advisory, too.

The State Department believes that terrorist groups in Colombia put travelers at risk because attacks have been occurring in airports, restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces. These attacks have occurred with no warning, meaning there is no way to predict when they will occur.

Moreover, because of the civil unrest in Colombia, many civilians have been demonstrating and protesting, which poses more threats to American travelers, according to The State Department.

Because a protest can quickly escalate and become violent, The State Department believes that Americans should stay out of Colombia, so that Americans can avoid injuries and fatalities in the country.

There are four travel advisory levels, level four being the worst. As of April 22, Sudan was placed in a level four do not travel advisory.

Belarus, Burma, Russia, Iran, and several other countries reside on the list. These warnings are issued when The State Department believes that Americans are at a severe risk traveling to a certain country.

Since all of these advisories are issued to ensure every American returns home safely, it is best that travelers listen to all the up-to-date safety information regarding travel. Until we hear otherwise, avoiding Jamaica and Colombia is crucial.