U.S. Lowers Travel Advisory For Lebanon To Level 3

U.S. Lowers Travel Advisory For Lebanon To Level 3

On January 29, 2024, The U.S. Department of State lowered the overall travel advisory warning for Lebanon from Level 4 (DO NOT TRAVEL) to Level 3 (RECONSIDER TRAVEL).

Because of the country’s high crime rate, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, unexploded landmines, and armed conflict, the U.S. State Department advises to reconsider travel to Lebanon. There is more risk in some places, particularly those close to the borders. 

Avoid visiting the following places:

  • refugee settlements because of the possibility of armed conflicts;
  • the border with Syria because of terrorism and armed conflict;
  • southern Lebanon because of the possibility of armed conflict.

American nationals living in Lebanon ought to evaluate their personal security plans and be conscious of the dangers of staying in the nation. Travel to the Syrian border, southern Lebanon, and refugee settlements in Lebanon is strongly discouraged for American citizens.

It should be noted by American nationals living in Lebanon that assistance from consular representatives of the US Embassy is not always guaranteed. According to the Department of State, there is enough risk to American government employees in Beirut for them to have to live and work under close observation. The U.S. Embassy’s internal security guidelines are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

Terrorist organizations are still preparing for potential strikes in Lebanon. Attacks targeting tourist destinations, transportation hubs, marketplaces, shopping centers, and local government buildings may be attacked by terrorists with little to no prior notice.

The protection of American nationals from unexpected outbursts of violence and armed conflict cannot be ensured by the Lebanese government. Arguments between family members, neighbors, or sectarians can turn violent very quickly and without warning, resulting in gunfire or other incidents.

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Lebanon travel and safety tips

  • Stay vigilant and heed the guidance provided by Lebanese authorities.
  • Steer clear of large crowds, demonstrations, and political gatherings.
  • Refrain from using shared public transportation.
  • While public displays of affection (PDA) beyond holding hands are not strictly taboo, tourists should consider minimizing such gestures to avoid unnecessary attention or judgment, especially from more conservative observers.
  • LGBTQ+ couples should exercise additional caution in Lebanon, opting for a zero PDA policy when in public spaces.
  • Given the significant contention, Israel holds for most Lebanese, travelers should ensure there is no evidence of any past trips to Israel in their passport when entering the country.