U.S. Might Postpone November Reopening for UK Travelers

U.S. Might Postpone November Reopening for UK Travelers

A number of complex issues “between various government departments” could put the U.S. reopening to U.K. travelers in Jeopardy, according to sources close to the White House. 

On Sept. 20, Washington announced it will reopen its borders in “early November” to air travelers from 33 countries including China, India, Brazil, most of Europe, and, of course, the U.K.

However, the long-awaited reopening might not happen that “early” since the decision-making process has been marked by multiple disagreements between the two governments.  

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“It would still happen by November 1 if they really prioritized it, and the political will is there, but it does look increasingly like this will be delayed a bit,” officials acquainted with the discussions told the Telegraph.

“I think a line will be crossed if this is not sorted by Thanksgiving on November 25,” one of them added.

Two weeks ago, The UK’s Prime Minister paid an official visit to Washington, where he discussed the opening of the two-way travel corridor, but none an official reopening date was announced afterward.

It was also said that The White House, the Department of Transport, the State Department, and the National Institute of Health all are committed to lifting the travel ban. 

However, the White House Spokeswoman said that the country follows scientific advice over diplomacy interests. “We’re basing it on science,” she said at a press briefing. 

“When U.S officials announced the decision, they stated they were “still at the start of the process,” she concluded. 

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Whether the reopening comes into effect in “early November” or by Thanksgiving, everything suggests it will finally happen in a matter of weeks. 

The entry requirements are yet to be specified, though. It’s still uncertain if the U.S. will accept unvaccinated children traveling with vaccinated parents. Canada, for example, does not allow it. 

Another controversial topic is the type of vaccines or combinations of vaccines it will accept.

So far, the U.S. has not approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for use in its territory. The same vaccine that the U.K. government widely has used to immunized Britons.