What Does The Average-Day Digital Nomad Look Like?

What Does The Average-Day Digital Nomad Look Like

If asked just 10 short years ago whether or not one was a digital nomad, they probably would’ve looked clueless. Fast forward to the present day, and one would be hard-pressed not to know at least one person who worked remotely.

As times have changed, the present-day nomad is a common theme among 33-year-old males. In fact, it’s estimated that around 50 million people work remotely around the world. That’s more than the population of various countries like Argentina or Spain!

The 2022 State of Digital Nomads was released by the Nomad List website. This site actively tracks the location of its members to ensure that they’re actually active nomads and not just self-stated ones.

Based on its list of subscribers, the average digital nomad of today is a single, white, heterosexual male. He has at least a bachelor’s degree, works in the field of software development, makes a salary of $85,000 per year, and isn’t religiously progressive.

The common digital nomad stays in each country for a period of eight months. They enjoy hiking every chance they get, a diet filled with meat, and tons of coffee to drink.

About 48% of these digital nomads are known to be employed full-time. Contrary to what most may think, only 9% of nomads prefer to work in cafes. Most prefer to work out of a home-like office space or a shared office space.

Nomads are those who move around and have no permanent residence. This lifestyle was first noted around 8,000 years ago in Iran, where hunter-gathers were constantly on the move for sustenance.