What is Airbnb and Why is it better than staying at hotel?

Travel local or global, in luxury or on budget. Airbnb is just the accommodation application you want to have. And if you are bogged down for space to download an entire app, or simply just could not be bothered; Airbnb has a website that works exactly the same way the application does. Choose a place anywhere in the world, and Airbnb will help you find your way to a temporary home!!

Ever imagine you could choose your temporary accommodation in the very same modern way you would say, a partner? Airbnb is like a dating app, only instead of searching for a partner, you get to pick the type of accommodation you would like and how you’d like to spend your time and money there.  We’re talking about choosing more than just a destination or even levels of comfort. Like any common dating site, the aim here is to pair you up with your ultimate bed and breakfast desires.  

For hundreds of years, people have subscribed to basically one form of traveling and visiting out of the home. This has historically been done by booking either physically or telephonically, at a reception desk.  Of course, followed by rules (sometimes undesired) that really are only there to remind you, that you are not at home.

Staying in establishments such as hotels and Bed and Breakfast places can also come at hefty prices. With the variety of types of dwellings, Airbnb offers just as flexible a price range. The advent of technology has also opened up many doors on all kinds of platforms; one’s accommodation has just joined that list of things! Gone are the days of taking minutes out to make long phone calls or traveling thousands of kilometers only with hope, that accommodation would be secured. Airbnb is only a few clicks away from your most favorite place for you to kick off your shoes and do, pretty much, as you please. 

What sets AirBnb apart from hotels

Just in case there was not enough mention of the plethora of places to choose from; here is to mention a few: From suburban homes to condominiums and even tree-houses, there is no one person this innovative getaway accommodation concept does not consider. Even calling it a concept is paying fewer dues than what is owed to the wonderful reality that is, staying at an Airbnb of your choice. 

When looking at it from the hosts’ point of view, there are a few ways one could get into the business. Hosts get to choose exactly how much of their space they are willing to turn into money. Some rent out rooms with a toilet whilst others are able and willing to let out entire homes. As much as hosts are required to offer basic such as toiletries to their guests, it is up to them to determine the kinds of ratings they can achieve by simply going the extra mile. And as much as there is money to be made, one should always factor in that one must spend money to make money!!

Once the booking is made and the host is satisfied, the place is for the guest to enjoy – whilst abiding by the host’s guidelines, naturally. This is where exclusivity comes in, where you do not have to see at least a handful of people just to get to your place of comfort.

The best part of it all is that on the website or application, you are able to choose where you want to be, how much for as well as the duration of your stay. Once all is confirmed, you are then allowed to make a payment on the same site, where your host will communicate further logistics until your anticipated arrival.

So from South East Asia, Africa, Europe or even the Merica’s – there’s an Airbnb out there just waiting to get occupied and enjoyed. Whether you’re traveling alone, with work or taking your partner or family to a place you can rest assured they will love! Airbnb caters for all types and quantities of travelers.

Hosts are allowed insurance on their property as well as in accidents because let’s face it- property is one of the easiest things to get damaged just by virtue of occupying space, and so the insurance is there to cover whatever may go terribly wrong on your property or to your guests.

Here is a link in case you’ve decided to give this thing a look-see, just in case you are well on your way to your next vacation but just need to make that final step and book.

Why Airbnb, you ask?

If you are one who values their privacy this platform right here is intended, partially, for people just like you. Once you have checked in and met with your host, space which have hired for the duration practically becomes your home away from home. Depending on the kind of setup you have signed up for, you are granted the choice of hosting your own guests if you feel that way. And if you are alone on business and want no disturbances, you can have that too as the only person who will have access to your place of stay will be yourself and your host.

Allowing one just the independence that is needed when on the road; you can eat whenever you choose to, which means no more setting that alarm to be up before dawn; just so you can catch that breakfast!

Check-in times are negotiable with your host, something that definitely does not fly with most hotels in the world.

Adventure seekers will do well with the application or the website when searching for the perfect accommodation to suit their needs. So if you never stayed at a loft or even a tree house, Airbnb gives you an opportunity to explore all sorts of dwelling arrangements! One can get adventurous even with the choice of their location because for the first time ever before, normal homes from all kinds of neighborhoods are opening their spaces to welcome guests from all over the world!

Having said that; safety is a concern for all of us, as no one wants to find themselves in a predicament where their safety is compromised, especially far away from home. As much as Airbnb is given praise for its safety and reliability, it is advised that you are aware of the surroundings around your choice of accommodation because it is all good and well to be safe whilst in the building, but what happens outside of it, is just as important if not more so.

And so freedom is the name of this game.  With the addition of Airbnb Plus, one can now travel in style. This platform allows one to have a say in the style they choose to stay in; many hosts have started opening more than just accommodation but accommodation with design in mind. Not only that, but some are set up in such a way that you are surrounded by all sorts of amenities and entertainment.

Just for you, we review two out of many thousand awesome spaces to stay, if only for the shortest most memorable whiles!

Blink Inn Condominium – Macau Islands

Historically the Macau Islands are known for a few landmarks dating back centuries. So if you are into checking out old buildings and rich landscapes, check out the ruins of St. Pauls’ or the Lotus square. If you are looking to geek out, there is the Macau Science Center.

This space offers just that freedom and independence you might be looking for when venturing the Far East of the globe:  Ultimate comfort and serenity on a lovely island which has a lot to offer if you happen to be looking for that and more. For the artist at heart, this is just the place to get those creative juices flowing!!

Farmhouse with a view in South Africa, Johannesburg

For all lovers of nature, this place is ideal if you love being woken up to the sounds of birds chirping to the dawn of a new day. Right in the heart of South Africa’s busiest hub, here is where you can afford to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city! Enjoy peace in the land of the free.

If you are looking to explore and not avoid the city, there is plenty for you out there for you to see. From top-notch museums and art galleries to Safaris and shopping malls. Johannesburg is a city bursting with diversity so there will be friends to be made as well!!

Below are a few links to tantalize your intrepid traveler’s taste buds and widen your horizons. Feel free to surf and enjoy viewing some wonders.