Why Norway Should Be On Your Bucketlist This Winter

Why This Nordic Paradise Should Be On Your Bucketlist Right Now

Embrace the enchanting winter wonderland of Norway, where pristine landscapes transform into a snowy paradise. Experience the magic of the Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky, explore picturesque fjords draped in a serene white blanket, and indulge in winter activities like dog sledding and skiing. Norway’s winter beckons with unparalleled beauty, outdoor adventures, and the warmth of its inviting culture.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Norway this winter.

Take in the Winter Fjord Scenery

While pictures of Norwegian fjords taken in the summer are common, winter in Fjord Norway offers a distinct and serene scenery that is frequently covered in snow. Winter has less to offer in terms of activities, but it is still possible to find reasonably priced lodging—you just need to plan ahead.

Norwegian Christmas Markets

Norwegian cities host Christmas markets in December, bringing traditional sights, sounds, and smells together to create a festive atmosphere.

These markets provide a unique experience; two examples are the Røros Christmas Fair and Baerums Verk near Oslo. In comparison to summertime, winter travel to Norway offers a more affordable way to take in the natural beauty and cultural offerings of the nation.

Enjoy Norway’s National Pastime

When compared to skiing in western Europe, cross-country skiing in Norway is especially affordable. Ski trails can be accessed from major cities and are not just found in ski resorts; ski equipment rental is also more reasonably priced.

Trails like the Nordmarka in Oslo and the Bymarka in Trondheim can be reached in 30 minutes by public transportation. Visit the Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT) website for more details about the trails and cabins.

Norway’s Winter Affordability

In Norway, hotel, attractions, and restaurant costs rise during the peak season. Except in ski resorts, these expenses are much lower in the winter, especially for lodging.

Due to the favorable exchange rate, which has increased from 5.5 kroner approximately ten years ago to approximately 10.5 kroner this winter, international tourists have an especially affordable opportunity.

Pursue the Aurora Borealis

The best times to see the aurora borealis are in the dark, evening skies of February and March, and these months are when northern Norway is one of the best places to see them. November through January are also good times to see them, but be aware that there may be more clouds and harsher weather during this time.

Guided tours are available for those who want to take in the spectacle or are just interested in photography. The best-viewing locations outside of the city, away from light pollution, can be reached with these tours, which are frequently led by knowledgeable locals.