Winter Storm Impacting Travel In The U.S. – Updates from CO, MI, WI, IO

Winter Storm Impacting Travel In Central US States

The West Coast has endured a deluge of rain over the past week which has led to some treacherous conditions. The heavy amount of rainfall and snow has led to flooding and mudslides and threatening conditions impacting residents and travelers.

From California, all the way to parts of Colorado hazardous travel conditions have created dangerous travel conditions. The storm is now moving east and will pass over the central plains on Wednesday.

Delivering heavy rains, snowfall, and severe weather conditions, meteorologists are warning that the same storm system will evolve into something ‘quite potent’.

A 1,700-mile-long swath of the Central U.S. which encompasses major cities like Denver, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee will be hit with this storm by the middle of the week. 

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January 17: Winter storm to impact travel from Colorado to Michigan with heavy snowfall

A winter storm is forecasted to hit the Midwest region of the United States, bringing heavy snowfall and strong winds to areas from Colorado to Michigan. It’s expected to cause widespread travel disruptions and make road conditions hazardous for drivers.

Areas like Denver, Omaha, Nebraska, Des Moines, Iowa; and Green Bay, Wisconsin are expected to be affected by the storm. The storm is expected to hit the region on Wednesday and last through Thursday.

Officials are urging residents to prepare for the storm by stocking up on necessary supplies, such as food and water, and to ensure that their vehicles are equipped with emergency kits. (Source:

January 16: Denver weather: Heavy snow to make big travel impacts by Tuesday night (Source:, Published: Jan 16, 2023 / 05:50 AM MST)
January 16: Road closures in Flagstaff, Grand Canyon as winter storm passes through Arizona (Source:, Published: Jan 16, 2023 / 11:16 AM MST)
January 16: Winter storm warning issued for northern Arizona; hazardous travel conditions expected (Source:
January 16: Winter Storm To Move Across Country This WeekVideos from The Weather Channel

Winter Storm Warning Sign

AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards said, “This is looking like a plowable snowfall for Denver and accumulations of up to half a foot could occur.”

Ranging from Colorado to central Michigan up to six inches of snow is expected to fall in this time frame. Some areas may even receive more than a foot.

“The snow will then streak out into Kansas, Nebraska and into the Great Lakes by later Wednesday into Thursday,” Richards added.

Due to this storm, the weather forecasting service warned, “anyone planning to travel when snow is in the forecast will want to have an emergency kit handy that includes essentials like snacks, water and blankets.”

Although winter storms are the norm in this part of the country, those who plan to travel along portions of interstates 29, 35, 39 70, 80 and 88 should have a keen eye on the forecast so it doesn’t interrupt any travel plans. 

AccuWeather Meteorologist Matt Benz cautioned that, “while the track of this storm is not set in stone, our current thinking is that where there is steady snow that falls, which could be very near or over Chicago, it may be heavy and quite impactful.”