You Can Rent An Invisible House In The Middle Of Joshua Tree National Park

You Can Rent Invisible House In The Middle Of The Joshua Tree National Park
Source: / Invisible House

Chris Hanley, a Hollywood producer, built an “Invisible House” and is selling it for $18 million.

The mansion, which is truly stunning, is located in the center of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

The house is completely covered with mirrors, which are strategically placed to reflect the surrounding landscape.

It’s intended to give the impression that the house isn’t really there by creating a chameleon-like effect.

The house was once for rent (at $150,000 a month), and several artists utilized it as a set for music videos.

It’s also listed for rent on and in the Airbnb OMG category.

Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, the Chainsmokers, and other celebrities have rented the Invisible House for filming.

The house is now on the market, with Aaron Kirman and Matt Adamo of AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate holding the listing.

The house is playful, but it also has state-of-the-art technical features that allow it to function even in the middle of the desert.

Source: / Invisible House

For example, the walls are made of heat-reflecting glass that keeps the interior of the house consistently cold.

Speaking of the interior, there are three bedrooms with private bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room.

The 100-foot indoor pool at The Invisible House occupies approximately half of the usable space within the building.

Source: / Invisible House

The design of the entire house is really modern and elegant.

Additionally, there is plenty of sunlight inside the house thanks to one-way mirrors that appear to be windows from the inside.

Nobody can predict whether the incoming owner will want to occupy it themselves or elect to rent it out.

At a monthly rent of $150,000, they would need around 10 years to return their investment if they chose to rent it out for profit.