You Can Rent Your Private Cenote With Villa Near Cancun On Airbnb

You Can Rent Your Private Cenote With Villa Near Cancun On Airbnb

To the Mayans, cenotes were sacred spots serving as the gateway to the underworld and Chaac, their god of rain. To modern natives and travelers, cenotes are a little less sacred but every bit as magical.

Unfortunately, like other wonderful attractions, the deep, jewel-like waters of Quintana Roo’s intriguing cenotes tend to draw quite the crowd.

In fact, for many eager swimmers, the quiet wonderment of these beautiful locations is often ruined by lines of tourists; but not anymore.

A Cancun-area Airbnb is offering the ultimate solution – a completely private cenote for guests to enjoy.

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The stunning property, known as Nuuku for the company behind it, offers six villas, each allowing for no more than two guests.

Located approximately 35 minutes from Cancun and 20 minutes from Puerto Morelos by car, Nuuku’s enchanted villas are pristinely tucked along the Ruta de Cenotes deep in Mexico’s Caribbean jungle.

With private access to one of the many cenotes along this route, the villas are worth every bit of the $225/night they command.

Inside the villas, guests will find premium linens adorning king-sized beds, luxurious bathrooms with waterfall showers, 50-inch smart TVs, and plenty of other wonderful touches for ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

However, the real beauty of Nuuku’s villas is, of course, what awaits outdoors. Each villa comes with a private porch area featuring either a plunge pool or hot tub.

On the grounds, a wonderful swimming pool, sunning areas, outdoor gathering spaces, hammocks, and more await.

Nonetheless, the real gem of this Airbnb stay is the ultra-private cenote. With steep walls dotted with sun loungers and turquoise waters that beckon to be enjoyed, guests of Nuuku are treated to something truly spectacular.

At the moment, villas can be individually booked for around $220-$230 a night. The entire six-villa site can also be booked for groups looking for a special retreat.