Zambia opened its borders to tourists – [LATEST UPDATES]

Zambia reopening for tourism - travel restrictions

Zambia has opened its borders for visitors from all countries with only a few biosecurity restrictions and PCR COVID test requirements.

President Edgar Lungu, recently said they are reopening multiple public institutions and touristic facilities due to the insignificant number of coronavirus cases in the country.

In addition to the COVID-19 related requirements, this country requires foreign visitors from most countries to obtain a visa to be granted entry. Keep reading to learn about the changes in these regulations and other restrictions.  

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Who is allowed entry?

All countries are allowed at the moment. It may change at any moment though.

Are American citizens allowed entry? 

Yes! American visitors are allowed to enter Zambia.

Is Zambia a safe place to visit during COVID-19?

Yes, Zambia is a safe place to visit because of its low numbers of COVID cases but CDC still doesn’t recommend it. Only essential travels. (

Zambia reopening – Timeline


President Edgar Lungu allowed the reopening of schools, bars, taverns, and nightclubs.


The country reopened tourism for citizens coming from all nations.

What documents should I submit at Zambia international airports?

Zambia reopening for tourism - airport travel restrictions

COVID-19 test  

  • All visitors must bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or serology). 
  • The test should be taken 14 days before arrival
  • Visitors who do not bring a negative test should take one at the airport
  • Travelers who show coronavirus-related symptoms will be put in isolation at a Zambian government facility. 

Health questionnaires

Those will be provided by the airline for you to report about your health and contact information. Those must be submitted to the health authorities upon arrival. 

Do I need to wear a mask when in the country?

Yes. Mandatorily.

I’m not a visitor, do I need to quarantine?

Students, returning nationals, and residents are required to bring a negative SARS CoV2 PCR test taken the 14 days within arrival and are also requested to observe a 14-day quarantine at home.

Find more entry information here.

Do I need a visa to visit Zambia?

Yes. Almost every foreign traveler is required to acquire a visa before being admitted in the country. There are a few exceptions (Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and Romania) and even those will be compelled to acquire one if the purpose of their travel is business. 

Visas can be obtained through the Department of Immigration’s e-Services, or in some cases be granted on arrival (there could be complications due to COVID-19 safety protocols).

Make sure to check the Embassy of Zambia’s website or the Department of Immigration’s website and make sure that you qualify for this visa and that the immigration office in your destination airport in Zambia is actually open for business.


Where can I get a COVID-19 test in Zambia if I need one?

In case you need a negative test result for your next destination or you are experiencing symptoms and do not have travelers health insurance, you can get tested at one of these two locations in Lusaka:  

  • CIDRZ Central Laboratory ( Telephone +260 975 138 102)* 
  • Medland Hospital (Telephone: 3111; +260 761 101600)*

*Prices range from 100 to 150 USD.

The Zambia government latest official report on COVID-19 situation and response

How is the COVID-19 situation in Zambia?

According to the authorities, the country has not been heavily affected by the pandemic. 

So far, it has reported 16,997 positive cases, 16,019 of them already recovered and 350 deaths.

5 things to do in Zambia during the pandemic

Zambia reopening for tourism - airport travel restrictions

Zambia is currently the 3rd safest country in Africa and definitely worth visiting even during COVID-19.

You now can visit bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes. But more than that, you may want to go to Zambia for something more exciting. So, this is what you cannot miss!

  • Lusaka national park – Zambia’s smallest national trip, ideal for a day-trip
  • Kawata cultural village – artists from all over the country come here to show and trade their traditional work craft. 
  • Chanuka game reserve – go on a safari tour to this astonishing natural reserve and watch mammals, reptiles, birds just 25 kilometers away from Lusaka. 
  • Baby elephants at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery – go and support this rescued baby elephants so they can be reintroduced into the wildlife when they get better for the reason that put them there.