Airstream Reveals Concept of First Electric RV Trailer

Airstream Reveals Concept of First Electric RV Trailer

Airstream parent company Thor Industries has introduced a couple of EV  proposals including the now known as “eStream,” a self-propelled camper trailer and the Thor Vision Vehicle, a Ford Transit-based electric RV at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow on Wednesday.

A ZF-developed driving system with independent motors and high-capacity built-in battery packs sits beneath its smart all-electric chassis.

This technology has already shown that it can extend the range of an Audi E-Tron tow vehicle to roughly the same as it would be unloaded.

When towing with the eStream, drivers will get better gas or diesel mileage and range since “the towable platform minimizes travel trailer drag and assists their tow vehicle by pushing itself” ahead, says Airstream.

The trailer can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone, making it easier for drivers to hitch up, reverse, or just relocate their campsite.

Another benefit is that both motors can be used to boost stability and adjust weight distribution. This eliminates the need for a special hitch for certain trailer loads.

The other revelation of the night was the Thor Vision Vehicle, which is a Ford Transit-based electric RV. 

“The design is conventional, but Thor teased a “best in class” 300-mile range along with a digital cockpit that includes extensive tools to find chargers along your route,” according to Engadget

While both EVs are still a concept, it’s easy to see both reaching customers.

It’s possible though, that the eStream will be more expensive than other campers this size, but the integrated EV engine and the substantial battery capacity promise to justify the investment.