10 Best Underrated Places To Visit In Ireland In 2023

Visiting underrated places in Ireland offers a unique and authentic experience, away from the tourist crowds. Benbulbin Mountain in County Sligo boasts majestic beauty, with its distinctive tabletop shape and breathtaking vistas. 

Downpatrick’s Head, located along the rugged Mayo coastline, showcases dramatic cliffs, sea stacks, and the iconic Dun Briste sea stack. The charming village of Portbradden in County Antrim boasts a picturesque harbor and pristine beaches, perfect for a tranquil getaway. 

Kylemore Abbey, nestled in the Connemara region, is a stunning architectural gem surrounded by idyllic landscapes and serene lakes. Exploring these lesser-known destinations allows travelers to uncover hidden gems and create unforgettable memories in Ireland.

Downpatricks Head, Ballycastle – County Mayo

Both foodies and nature lovers should visit Downpatrick Head. Access to the place is easy. Park nearby and take a nice walk along the Irish coast. At the beginning of this walk you will find a statue of Saint Patrick, which will lead you to one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets.

Kinsale, County Cork

The village of Kinsale is a true Irish village. Sailors are the owners of the colorful houses. They painted their houses and boats in bright colors so that they could be seen from afar even in the fog. The fisherman who owned the orange boat lived in the orange house, while the fisherman who owned the pink boat lived in the pink house.

 Derryclare Lough, Connemara – County Galway

This place, located in the Connemara Lake District, looks like something out of a children’s book.

Derryclare Lough, a remote lake in the foothills that has served as creative inspiration for numerous filmmakers, is a favorite spot for both experienced and novice photographers. It’s fantastic because we have the feeling that elephants, gazelles, and giraffes will congregate at the lake’s side to drink in this isolated area of Ireland where peat bogs are present.

Cahir Swiss Cottage, Kilcommon – Cahir – Limerick

In the early 1800s, this unique Swiss country house was built at the somewhat bizarre request of its wealthy owners, Lord and Lady Cahir. They wanted a special place, not so much to live in, but to host and entertain their friends.

When they gave their name to this strange Swiss cottage, it was immediately abandoned before being repaired and opened to the public. There is ample parking near the cottage, which is located near the golf course of Cahir.

Dark Hedges, Stranocum – Country Antrim – Northern Ireland

One of the most spectacular filming locations in Northern Ireland is probably Dark Hedges. The directors of the television series Game of Thrones were inspired by the twisted trees that line the Bregagh Road in County Antrim. These trees are more than a century old. James Stuart, a wealthy landowner in the area, planted them in the 18th century to create a somewhat ostentatious driveway for his house. He wanted to demonstrate his status with this avenue of trees.

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara – County Galway

This abbey is one of the most beautiful places in Connemara. To the delight of tourists and photographers, a beautiful Victorian garden is revealed when the fog lifts to reveal the outline of the monastery and its neo-Gothic church. This amazing building was made possible by a wealthy Liverpool resident who fell in love with the area during his honeymoon.

Benbulbin Mountain, County Sligo

For travelers seeking picturesque landscapes, Ireland is a paradise. A magnificent plateau-like mountain emerges near the border with Northern Ireland, evoking visions of the untamed Western frontiers. This unique flat mountain resides in County Sligo, renowned as the Land of Yeats, paying tribute to the esteemed Irish poet William Butler Yeats. Yeats found inspiration in this region, penning numerous poems about its enchanting beauty, including the renowned “Under Ben Bulden.” The name “Ben Bulden” has become synonymous with this captivating mountain, drawing visitors to explore the very landscapes that stirred Yeats’ poetic soul.

Cobh, County Cork

Travelers looking for places off the beaten path often visit this wonderful fishing village with its colorful houses just a few miles outside Cork. In addition to jazz fans, Cobh also attracts water sports enthusiasts, kayakers and kite surfers.