This Popular European Country Launches Digital Nomad Visa

This Popular European Country Launches Digital Nomad Visa

Imagine if you could sit down to a perfect plate of cacio pepe pasta, eat gelato, drink the finest of Italian wine, and walk in the footsteps of gladiators, emperors, and fashionistas, all before taking your daily afternoon Italian espresso in a sunny piazza. This dream can now be yours as Italy has officially launched a digital nomad visa as of April 4, 2024!

Before we go any further, we have to bring up the bad news – getting your Italian visa is not going to be easy and there will be several hoops to jump through. Not only will you need to show an annual income of at least three times the minimum level required for exemption from participation in Italian healthcare, around €28,000, but you will also need to buy an international healthcare plan for the one year that the visa covers. In addition, you will need to prove that you have been a digital worker for at least six months previously and show that you have suitable accommodation for the entire year of your stay. 

Before any visa is granted, you will also need to prove that you have not been convicted of a crime within the last five years and go to a valid Italian consulate and submit a declaration signed by their employer. The final hurdle? In order to obtain your visa, the Italian taxation office will need to speak to their equivalent in your country to ensure that you are tax-compliant.

Bottom line: in order to eat delicious Italian food on a daily basis, you are going to have to work for it! The great news is that Italy’s digital nomad visa is renewable and you can also bring your family, provided that you can get an all clear from Italy’s police headquarters.

Other countries offering digital nomad visas in the Mediterranean region

Not sure if you’ll be able to clear all of the bureaucratic hurdles and make Italy your new home? Have no fear—there are a number of other options in Europe that may be less of a headache.

While Spain also requires a lot of documents, they will let you apply directly from Spain and do not require proof of 12 months of accommodation, though requirements around proof of employment and payment of home country social security payments can be burdensome.

Greece offers another option. While it requires a higher monthly income of €3,200 per month and proof of accommodation, insurance, and a declaration letter from your employer, it also offers a 50% tax reduction program that you can apply for when you stay in Greece for a minimum of two years.

Malta just might be the easiest, with an income requirement of only €2,700 per month, an exemption from personal taxation for the one-year of visa validity, and English being one of Malta’s official languages. However, you will still need to show proof of accommodation, insurance, and provide a letter from your employer. 

While there are now a number of countries in Europe for digital nomads to call home, if Italy has always been your dream, then you can now make it a reality! It might be best to just hire a lawyer to help you clear the bureaucratic hurdles! Trust us, that pasta is going to taste even better when you know you did your part to earn it! As the Italians say, In bocca al lupo – good luck!